Squirrel Girl > All.

You can click on that for a closer look.  It’s true, Squirrel Girl can beat ANYONE in the comic books.  I have received a couple incredulous emails, so now I present the proof.  She took down Thanos Himself!


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4 responses to “Squirrel Girl > All.

  1. But, as Deadpool said in the page you posted, “Oh, c’mon, those stories can’t actually count in continuity!”

    Still, at the very least, if we are going by actual continuity, she has defeated Dr. Doom, which is very impressive. Everybody else, well, if it is continuity, then great. Otherwise, it still is impressive, but not anybody necessarily.

  2. That, my friend, is another one of her most endearing qualities.

    Squirrel Girl drives the fanboys nuts!

  3. Darkside Hero

    This makes sense seeing as how all of her stats are 7 (the max) on marvel’s wiki.

  4. Doug

    I’m unable to contain my snickers at the position Thanos ended up in.

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