League of Extraordinary Wood Rats.

Mad grats to Soshi Kenpachi for starting this bonfire, let’s see if we can get it burning brightly enough to light up the World Championships.  This is how I would start:

12 Novice Assassins

12 SHIELD Agents

4 Squirrel Girl

4 Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD

Beyond that, I am open to suggestions.  I have never been initiated into the League of Assassins.  How would you work those killer tricks with two handfuls of bushy tail?


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25 responses to “League of Extraordinary Wood Rats.

  1. alec357

    I’m highly tempted by this idea as well (even if I’m building from 60 cards down, rather than up like yourself), though I’ve put a lot of money and effort into my Brotherhood deck, so I’m quite torn between the two ideas.

    I wonder if it’s possible to enter twice and play both decks? 😉

  2. rorschachinkblog

    4 x Demon’s Head
    4 x Metropolis Reborn
    X x Birthing Chamber

    And there may be more locations … like for SHIELD or something …

  3. Indeed, I am confident there will be a solid suite of complements in the MUN set.

    Thanks, I will check those. In fact, I’ll change to Metropolis Reborn immediately.

  4. I’d go with Stark Tower for the team-up… it has Terraform.

    And since you’re going for burn and have 0 ATK, you might as well toss in a couple Evil Lairs.

  5. Evil Lair seems hot, but Stark Tower rotates out.

    Man, this is fun. I haven’t felt this rush from a deck in a while.

    Good times.

  6. The Demon’s Head is looking real sweet, I bet we get some killer locations for it that are SHIELD stamped.

  7. Helicarrier = Stu joygasm.

  8. Hah! Blackbird Blue rotates out, and The Demon’s Head starts laughing in response.

    Wood Rats, take to the air!

  9. Okay, next idea.

    With the bouncy Helicarrier, you can leave one or two army dudes standing as a defenders so you can re-use Squirrel Girl, then…

    Nasty Surprise!

  10. soshikenpachi

    Stu, you just conveyed the image of a cackling Squirrel Girl sending waves of jet pack equipped rodents into battle to take over the world.

  11. Techn0range

    You definitely need some draw power, so add Birthing Chamber and Damocles Base. Since your playing LoA, these can be found easily with The Demon’s Head.

    If you want to go completely nuts, try adding in Dr. Light blinding flash and Mimic to copy Nick Fury.

  12. Damocles base is no longer modern as of worlds.

    Definately Metropolis Reborn or Truth and Justice for the team-up.

    The deck as I see it is something like this:

    4x Lazarus Pit, Non-Unique * Death’s Door
    2x Mountain Stronghold, Non-Unique
    4x Metropolis Reborn, Non-Unique * Team-Up
    1x Espionage, Non-Unique
    4x Helicarrier
    4x Birthing Chamber
    3x The Demon’s Head
    3x Finishing Move

    17x Novice Assassins
    8x SHIELD Agents
    4x Squirrel Girl
    4x Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD

    I figure that the Shield Agents are there to just to exhaust and be returned. Other than that I think the novice assasins are the most important characters.

    The Demons Head can go and get an Espionage should your opponent play Birthing Chamber or Helicarrier themselves.

    I am thinking that steel girder could be really good. A Novice Assassin with Steel Girder could do some serious damage.

  13. Thanks, that is a great base to work from. The Finishing Move idea is mad strong.

    I am wondering about Clash of Worlds. Recruiting three Squirrel Girls on one turn is the kind of thing I live for.

    And, personally, I can’t play odd numbers of army dudes. I would use 16 Novices and 8 Agents.

  14. In that case with the exra slot maybe switch the Metropolis Reborns to Truth and Justice and have one Metropolis Reborn. Thus searchable and you can use the spare team-ups to power up your characters.

  15. I just bought an Espionage on ebay, and it came with some Hush.

    Can you imagine that? Bounce everyone else, and leave him sitting by himself with Helicarrier and Nasty Surprise on defense.


    Not something I would actually do with the deck, but it is a crazy thing to think about.

  16. Steel Girder seems pretty insane. My goldfish likes it a lot, especially with Lazarus Pit to keep the Novice alive and Helicarrier for flight.

  17. soshikenpachi

    Problem with girder: It costs a resource point. On turn 4 that could mean the difference between 4 Assassins going in for 16, or 5 going in for 25. Also: As soon as the assassin gets boomeranged you lose it to the KO pile.

  18. True that, I will test it out.

  19. The biggest tricks in MY modern LOA are the locations that replace face up and face down resources, unstable ground, and now recently Standoff. The reservists here will make locations even more fun however without Talia on four to start helping mill through the deck on four and onwards, it slows the replacement down a lot.

    But, with all the burn, who really cares, right?

    I would also place in some Have A Blasts. It will drive people crazy.

  20. I_Avian/ Night Vision User

    Personally I’d be inclined towards packing the PT end of things with as many attack pumps as possible. Nasty Surprise, Blinding Rage, Flying Fortress… and whatever else.

    The deck’s on a clock, so the faster you can close the deal the better. Wouldn’t be worried about doing anything tricksy, just smash face and burn.

  21. I can see that, and it makes it easier for me. I love decks that don’t require too much thinking!

  22. soshikenpachi


    Hellicarrier is out. I was looking over the older sets, and it makes no sense. Think about it: You need board superiority. The only way to attain that without losing momentum is sending Nick back to your hand on turn 4 for the kill. It also means that if you draw two you’re useless.

    My answer: Strategic thinking. If you get two of those in your hand, and drop them on 4, that means your 6 novice assassins all drop that turn as 2/3s not 0/1s. That means instead of sending 3 into their 4 drop you can safely send two. That means that the 5 that should be going to their face are 6 and swing not for 25, but for 48.

  23. soshikenpachi

    addendum: You’d be swinging with 6 for 44, as two would have no counters. The point still stands, though. Strategic Thinking>Hellicarrier in this kinda mad rush deck.

  24. I can see it, and I already own a playset.


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