Calling Forth the Myths.

That is another fabulous example of the hand-painted sketch cards that are inserted into the new Marvel Masterpieces packs.  Those are by Chris Ortega.  Six random examples that hold some fairly profound connections to our upcoming Marvel Universe expansion set.  And, most importantly, they call to me as a beacon in the night.

Storm tells me to re-connect with Mother Nature.  The entire Cosmos is ready to support our efforts, we just need to shut up and listen.

Captain America tells me to continue in my quest to help elect a candidate that can bring real change to our country.  It is getting rather scary, and it will get worse, as the old guard clings violently to their power.

Scarlet Witch tells me to keep the faith.  I know that every single random leaf that I kick into the air when I walk home today could be the trigger for global healing and joy.

Iron Man tells me that there will be a killer movie opening this weekend.  I can’t wait.

Dr. Strange tells me that there are forces beyond normal comprehension that can be embraced and engaged in the quest for Coolness on Earth.  Those forces are waiting at all times to be summoned.

Nick Fury tells me that the new Vs. System cards are going to be a party of the most fantastic kind.  I have never been much of a fan of the man with the eyepatch, in fact we have ragged on him for decades.  Now he is a hero in our house, and the future will never be the same.  No one is ever beyond the forgiveness of the human heart, and every dark day can be transformed into a full scale celebration.  Onward!


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5 responses to “Calling Forth the Myths.

  1. You’re really weird, Stu.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. Mohawk Storm really is the most awesome incarnation of the character there is.

    As long as you keep posting these things, I’ll keep loving them. Thanks.

  3. omnicresence

    Tremendously slick. Not sure about their availability in my archipelago but I’m hoping against hope. 🙂

  4. They are all over ebay, but very expensive.

    That actual Dr. Strange card is available at an online store…

    … for $400. Ouch.

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