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Mythbusters… BUSTED!!!

My best friend from college is a scientist.  The Mythbusters swore on TV that you could not walk on water with a pair of shoes.  We proved them wrong, big time…


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Random Ebay Monday.

In the interest of starting something new, I am going to share with you a crazy thing I found on ebay.  Check this out:


That is one big bat.  A hammerhead bat, in fact.  It’s up to $200 with three days left.  Tempting.

Happy Monday!


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The Deep Woods of Summer.

Hello my friends, long time no see.  I have been mad busy, with no access to the interwebs at home.   The video game design course I am teaching starting Monday promises to be amazing summer fun, and I will be able to keep you updated soon.  For now, I leave you with a real Unicorn friend that was discovered in Italy to keep you company.  Happy Summer!

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Almost back, thanks for your patience.

Mystery Pic! 

Hello my friends, I miss you.  My life has been topsy turvy for the past couple weeks, but I am almost ready to get back in the swing of this thing.  For now, you can find out what that photograph is really showing, along with a few more pics of our latest project, if you click right here.


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A New Horizon.

Good morning, how are you today?  I have been bouncing around in a maze of strange changes.  One of the biggest adjustments comes with me being selected to teach a Video Game Design class for Cybercamps this summer.  It will be a thrill, and I have a question for you.

Are there any simple flash games that you especially enjoy?  Link me up.  Thanks.


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Strange Methods.

I have spoken before about the Marvel Comics superhero named Rogue.  Her powers are a sort of mega-empathy: She absorbs the abilities of anyone she touches. 

I can relate.

Lately, my empathy powers are really hauling ass.  We have been working pretty obsessively for Barack Obama’s campaign, and we have found a wonderful community of like-minded Americans that are totally energized and ready to bring hope and healing back to our glorious nation.  We are all absorbing each others’ powers, and focusing our heroic efforts.

This morning I found those three Marvel Masterpieces sketches to share with you, and they seem rather fitting.  Empathy magick is a very messy business.  There are always doubts, fuzzy boundries, and a large patches of chaos.  Many times I feel like that Dr. Strange drawing.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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Thursday Thirteen: Looking toward the future in America.

That is Barack and Michelle Obama, with their two beautiful daughters.  I apologize in advance to anyone who has a different view of politics, but I need to gush today about the hope I have for our country at this transcendant moment in American history.

1. Barack Obama embodies the “American dream” in ways that usually only get exposed in fiction.

2. He had a black father from Africa and a white mother from Kansas.

3. His father left when he was two years old.

4. His mother raised him to participate in the world, changing his community for the better, and he was always an inspirational leader to the kids around him.

5. For a while, the family was on food stamps.

6. He struggled against the racism of the times, just like the rest of us.  He was born almost exactly one month after me, in 1961. 

7. His father died in 1982, in an automobile accident.

8. His mother died in 1995, of cancer.

9. He worked his way through college, graduating from Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

10. He became a United States Senator.

11. He decided to run for president, against all odds.

12. He inspired a huge movement in America, most of it arising on the interwebs and then spilling out into the actual cities of each and every state.  His background as a community organizer taught him that people are willing and able to build America back up from the ground floor.  He currently has over 1.5 million individual financial supporters, with an average donation of $96 each.  

13. He is on the verge of winning the nomination of the Democratic Party, and proving that nothing is impossible in America.  He has started a New Voter Registration Drive in all 50 States, which we will be attending this Saturday.  He gives me real hope for the future, and I thank you for allowing me to share my excitement for this historical moment with you today.  No matter what your political perspective, it is a glorious time to be an American. 


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