Cinco De Mayo!

I love that book.  It’s one of those New Age mumbo-jumbo gumbo things.  It takes the exact number of bricks in the hallways of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, divides them by some funky myths of the Illuminati, adds it all up with a dash of environmentalism, and proves that the world will end on Cinco De Mayo.  In the year 2000.

So, whether we are just imagining this blog during our extended death vision or not, it’s party time.  Chomp down on a jalepeno for me.

Viva Mexico!



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4 responses to “Cinco De Mayo!

  1. I just found the best explanation of the origins of Cinco De Mayo that I have ever read:

    Fascinating stuff.

  2. Hey! You wanna know what else goes great with Cinco de Mayo besides chips and salsa?? Latin Music! The best I can suggest goes by the name of Trio Caliente.

    Their music is festive and full of energy. If you’re having any celebrations today bump their single “Baila Me.”

    HAPPY Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!

  3. My daughter’s first 1/2 birthday fell on Cinco de Mayo. A sign from the gods that I should eat EXTRA SALSA!!

    BTW – if the world ended 5/5/2000, then the Bush Administration never happened!! WooHoo!!

    (I apololgize for my over use of (!!), but I can’t help it!!)

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