Promethea for the win.

Sorry for taking a couple days off.  Between Cinco De Mayo and the results of the Indiana primary, my feet have not touched the ground since my last post. 

Now this.

Promethea is my favorite comic book of all time.  If you ever want to do me a favor, track down #12 and check it out.  It is the coolest thing ever printed on paper.

Thanks to Omega Red on Realms, I just found out that I am not alone in my admiration of Alan Moore’s greatest masterpiece.  It is mad satisfying to know that REAL comic geeks agree with my assessment.

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One response to “Promethea for the win.

  1. Promethea is totally bad ass. One of my absolute favorites and if issues 12 is the one I think it is, and I’m sure it is, you’re absolutely right about it being the coolest thing ever.


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