Strange Methods.

I have spoken before about the Marvel Comics superhero named Rogue.  Her powers are a sort of mega-empathy: She absorbs the abilities of anyone she touches. 

I can relate.

Lately, my empathy powers are really hauling ass.  We have been working pretty obsessively for Barack Obama’s campaign, and we have found a wonderful community of like-minded Americans that are totally energized and ready to bring hope and healing back to our glorious nation.  We are all absorbing each others’ powers, and focusing our heroic efforts.

This morning I found those three Marvel Masterpieces sketches to share with you, and they seem rather fitting.  Empathy magick is a very messy business.  There are always doubts, fuzzy boundries, and a large patches of chaos.  Many times I feel like that Dr. Strange drawing.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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3 responses to “Strange Methods.

  1. Dr. Strange looks like he’s been hitting the Krispy Kremes pretty hard.

  2. You should see me, when I become the sky!

    Expand and be free.

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