A New Horizon.

Good morning, how are you today?  I have been bouncing around in a maze of strange changes.  One of the biggest adjustments comes with me being selected to teach a Video Game Design class for Cybercamps this summer.  It will be a thrill, and I have a question for you.

Are there any simple flash games that you especially enjoy?  Link me up.  Thanks.


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10 responses to “A New Horizon.

  1. Thanks, I’ll check that out.

  2. http://www.freewebarcade.com/game/double-wires/

    This game is a blast. Posted about it on my blog about a month ago. http://ranmavs.blogspot.com/2008/04/lookit-me-im-spider-man.html

    It’s like being Spider-Man, hehe.


  3. I’ve always loved this one:


    At first it seems a bit simple, but you can actually reach great distances with a little skill.

  4. I can’t find my favourite one, I haven’t played it in over a year.

    It was called Spider… or something like that. It had really nice painted-style graphics. You control a spider with the mouse– as you click and hold, he follows your mouse. When you pull the mouse down below the ground level, it kinda charges a spring– then when you let go, the “spring” releases and the spider jumps away from your mouse. It’s a really neat mechanic.

    The purpose of the game is to eat. Bugs come and go on the screen– mostly flies and gnats, but occasionally a big, fluffy bee. However, there are also fireflies– these hurt you. You need to jump around the screen, eating edible bugs, and avoiding fireflies.

    I know it sounds really lame, but it’s actually a lot of fun, and the graphics are really great for a Flash game. The spider in particular has a realistic walking system– he uses all his legs to clamber over the uneven terrain to follow your mouse.

    I highly recommend it, and I wish I could still find it. 😦

  5. Thanks for the Northern Exposure comment on my blog…

    I am an artist and life coach, my partner is a teacher and film maker at an Aboriginal specific high school.

    (We met at Jean Houstons Mystery of Time, Magic and Creation School. Jean’s peers were all members of Esalen.
    In her audio listening section there is a 40 min discussion on the Alchemy of Creativity that you might enjoy)

    Given what you do and what we do we are related!

    But then we are all related, we are all One….and it is One’derful indeed!

    As a high-creative in the education system that has many fixed paradigms and curriculums that gorge the left brain and starve the right….you might be able to relate to the following story:

    The Magical Child in Exile:

    MA.G.I.C. in your day!


  6. wiiman

    Well. I just spent 20 minutes playing flOw, that’s pretty much my favourite one now.

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