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We made the Miami Herald!

Check us out! You can click that link for full coverage, but I will also drop the prominent text in this post, since the Herald deletes their content after a month or so.  Enjoy:

Rian Fike, a MoveOn member who organized the event at the Intercoastal in North Miami Beach, believes that highlighting these particular issues will be the most important factor in determining the presidential election.

”When you hold the candidates up next to each other, Obama will be the obvious choice,” Fike said.

Fike and his wife, Nina, heard about the bake sales when MoveOn started asking for volunteers through liberal blog sites. Not knowing what to expect, the Fikes called some friends and sent out e-mails trying to drum up support for the event. On Saturday, a half-dozen volunteers showed up with card tables, posters and piles of baked goods for the cause. Nina Fike even designed a few T-shirts for the volunteers that featured Obama superimposed on an American flag. She plans to make more shirts to sell at future events and hopes to help organize more bake sales in the forthcoming months.

”I think people are really excited about the election,” she said. “It’s history in the making.”

Judy Seagal, an active MoveOn member for several years, participated in the last nationwide bake sale in 2004. She enlisted the help of her neighbors to bring baked goods to a sale in Miami Shores. ”I think it will help, especially here in Florida where there was no campaigning,” Seagal said.

Other activist groups got the word out and sent volunteers to the bake sales. William Peña Wells, a member of the Democratic Party of Miami-Dade, came out to see what effect the event would have on the community.

”It brings a small-town atmosphere to the global village,” said Wells, who is trying to organize a Democratic group to represent Miami Shores, Biscayne Park and El Portal residents.

Passersby were also able to register to vote or apply for new state registration.

The Miami bake sales were not as well attended as anticipated, but organizers chalked it up to the fact that thousands of Obama supporters already had flocked to the downtown area where the senator was speaking at the mayors’ conference. Issues covered by the presumptive Democratic candidate at the meeting ranged from the foreclosure crisis to community involvement and development programs.

Volunteers at the North Miami Beach bake sale focused on drawing attention to Obama’s stance on these issues rather than collecting funds, although they hope the combined profits of the other sales around the country will produce a considerable amount of money.

”It makes the whole country seem like a small town when everyone is having a bake sale on the same day,” Rian Fike said. “It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing; I wanted to be part of it.”

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My Son-In-Law Absolutely Rocks.

Father’s Day is always grand in our house, since I am the proud poppa of the three coolest kids on Earth.  Then comes my Son-In-Law… and Earth is left behind.  Yes,  he is an engineer that works on the Space Shuttle, and yes that is him in the upper left.  Coolest thing in mid-air history.

We.  Have.  Lift-off!

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My First Video Game. (Now with added video.)

Click on the pic, download the game, and enjoy.

UPDATE: I just finished “My First Stop-Motion Animated Movie”.  Check it:



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Define Yourself or Be Defined.


Things are swirling still, but I am finding the handles.  One of the best parts of my recent real-life cacophony was an email from gdaybloke of Canada.  In a successful attempt to soothe my soul and give his support to my efforts, he created a Vs. System Legend suite that will forever be near and dear to my heart.


stubarnes: Rian Fike
Cost 3
ATK 1    DEF 8
Characters you control in all zones gain the version Army.
Activate -> Target opponent cannot hate the game.
“Haters are the most sincere form of flattery.”

stubarnes: Life of the party
Cost 5
ATK 9    DEF 10
Activate -> Target player gains 5 endurance, or ready target character that has not attacked this turn.
“One injection of enthusiasm can reinvigorate the weariest soul.”


Barn Door
Cost 2
Play only if you control a character named stubarnes.
Opponents cannot play plot twists with an odd cost on odd-numbered turns.
Opponents cannot play plot twists with an even cost on even-numbered turns.
“What? You SAID you wanted a challenge.”



Worship At The Temple
Cost 3
Ongoing Plot Twist
While you control a character named stubarnes, female characters you control gain +2 DEF.
“This is my lovely wife…”


Playing The Odds
Cost 4
Plot Twist
As an additional cost to play Playing The Odds, discard a card named stubarnes. Search your deck for a card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck.
“It’s a longshot, but I think I can pull it off…”



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Dubiously Dubbed the Nuttiest.

Whew.  That presidential primary season was something so special, so intense, so surreal it will now be dubiously dubbed the Nuttiest Election Ever.

We have a major party to attend this evening, then…

Bring On the Republican Challenger! 


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Summer Madness.

I can barely breathe from all this hectic fun.  Enjoy!


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