Dubiously Dubbed the Nuttiest.

Whew.  That presidential primary season was something so special, so intense, so surreal it will now be dubiously dubbed the Nuttiest Election Ever.

We have a major party to attend this evening, then…

Bring On the Republican Challenger! 


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6 responses to “Dubiously Dubbed the Nuttiest.

  1. It’s technically not over until Hilary drops out, and she’s not doing that today. 😉

  2. If you live your life in the land of “technically”, you are missing the best part:


    It is a beautiful day to be an American. I haven’t felt this good about my country in a LONG time.

  3. After Hillary, McCain should be a piece of cake. Unless he switches to pant suits, then we may have another 4 years of winter(or a Republican in the whitehouse!).

    Squirrel girl…sigh…Just awesome.

  4. Amen, Brother! You’ve been doing a great job getting the word out. I thank you for that.

    Last Tuesday I sat and fed my 7 month old daughter and watched Obama’s speech and thought, “wow – this little one may grow up with a government that actually represents the people. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?”

  5. I felt good too, but I try not to get my hopes too high. I’ve been crushed by politics one to many times!

    On a side-note, great to have you back Stu!

  6. Speaking of squirrel girl, you thought about the deck again post MUN?

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