Define Yourself or Be Defined.


Things are swirling still, but I am finding the handles.  One of the best parts of my recent real-life cacophony was an email from gdaybloke of Canada.  In a successful attempt to soothe my soul and give his support to my efforts, he created a Vs. System Legend suite that will forever be near and dear to my heart.


stubarnes: Rian Fike
Cost 3
ATK 1    DEF 8
Characters you control in all zones gain the version Army.
Activate -> Target opponent cannot hate the game.
“Haters are the most sincere form of flattery.”

stubarnes: Life of the party
Cost 5
ATK 9    DEF 10
Activate -> Target player gains 5 endurance, or ready target character that has not attacked this turn.
“One injection of enthusiasm can reinvigorate the weariest soul.”


Barn Door
Cost 2
Play only if you control a character named stubarnes.
Opponents cannot play plot twists with an odd cost on odd-numbered turns.
Opponents cannot play plot twists with an even cost on even-numbered turns.
“What? You SAID you wanted a challenge.”



Worship At The Temple
Cost 3
Ongoing Plot Twist
While you control a character named stubarnes, female characters you control gain +2 DEF.
“This is my lovely wife…”


Playing The Odds
Cost 4
Plot Twist
As an additional cost to play Playing The Odds, discard a card named stubarnes. Search your deck for a card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck.
“It’s a longshot, but I think I can pull it off…”



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3 responses to “Define Yourself or Be Defined.

  1. Little-known fact: Gday is a nine-year-old girl. He melts when he sees a kitten or a baby. He’s fixated on ponies.

    And he has the most amazing collection of pretty, pretty dresses.

  2. Good to know.

    He is still my hero.

  3. It’s true that I’m clucky around little peeps… as for the pretty pretty dresses, I have a 6-yr old daughter – of COURSE there’s gonna be a closet full of dresses.

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