My First Video Game. (Now with added video.)

Click on the pic, download the game, and enjoy.

UPDATE: I just finished “My First Stop-Motion Animated Movie”.  Check it:



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7 responses to “My First Video Game. (Now with added video.)

  1. I’m not getting anything but a picture of you and the banana and while I can entertain myself with that picture for… quite a while… I don’t think that’s what your game is. 🙂


  2. I played it! But there’s a gap on the left (not sure about the right) where the ball can slip through, but the paddle can’t reach it..

  3. Mike, you need to click the Download tab on that page and run it from there.

    Gday, I’ll check that… but it is prolly the only real difficulty in the game!


  5. How do you have the time to do all these glorious things? I can barely sqeak one crappy article a week out. You, on the other hand, find time to learn how to make video games in addition to doing more than I do for the Vs. community! Kudos (not the candy bar) my friend!

  6. Awesome!

    Not bad for a first effort. I played twice. 🙂 Sure it’s not difficult and the bounces are kinda random, but I just thought, “That’s so Stu.” and laughed.


  7. I must admit… that was exactly the desired effect!


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