No School!

Thanks to Tropical Storm Fay, we get at least one more day of summer vacation.  That’s a photo I took yesterday afternoon when the first rain bands kissed our backyard.  Now I am headed out to help some friends put up their shutters.  I’ll meet you back here when the rain stops…

Party on!


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2 responses to “No School!

  1. Awesome picture. Hope everyone is okay.

  2. Kids are going to rejoice if they get a little longer vacation.

    Darn kids … how insensitive. Hurricanes are destructive …

    Nah, I’d be happy, too, if part of school got canceled. Hehehe.

    “Omg, our backyard is a swamp and my friend nearly died but YES, one less week of school!!”

    That’s all that matters. 😉 Hahaa, just kidding. Honestly though, I hope it’s not too bad and that everyone’s all right.

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