The Greatest Compliment.

My friends, I am humbled.  The new job has not only enlarged my soul and recharged my spirit, but a second grader filled me with so much pride yesterday that I barely know what to say.  As I was finishing my spiel and revving them up to get glowing with abstract art, I heard a whisper in the corner of the room as she exclaimed to her friend…

“When I grow up I want to be an Art Teacher!” she said.

It was the greatest compliment I can imagine.


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5 responses to “The Greatest Compliment.

  1. distinque

    Great job! Keep up the good work! That surely made your day!

  2. The eyeballs! They’re staring at me! At meeeee!

  3. shamilton777

    Long time, no visit stu! So then, have you decided what you want to be when YOU grow up?

    me either.

    Glad the new gig is as good as advertised!

  4. Glad to hear life is going so well. I got my first teaching job this year, so I’m riding a similar ‘high’. I don’t yet have any students wishing to be middle school math teachers, but once we start screwing around on our smartboards I hope to change that! 😉

  5. I can only imagine the pride you felt when you heard the student’s comment. You are obviously doing a terrific job and encouraging the students to extend themselves further than traditional text book facilitation 🙂

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