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One Year Later.

This is it folks.  The first anniversary of my little corner of the world in all its gaudy bloggish glory.  In honor of a whole calendar flown by and these glittering electronic droppings remaining fixed, I present to you my favorite posts from each of the previous twelve months.  Enjoy.

September 2007 saw boisterous beginnings, including the origins of the moniker itself.  It also had a review of the revolution I lived within, which was googled by Jeanne Carstensen herself – now the managing editor of Salon!  That second link also includes an FLCL Vs. System card, as good as anything ever created by man.

October?  Pleasant Distractions Neccesary for Survival.  Little did he know that Mike Watt would re-enter his life in big ways over the course of the year.

November is always shaky, and blogging made it bounce both bigger and better.  I even started a little experiment.

December is holiday madness, both in real life and on the interwebs.  In our house, the winter solstice is one of the hottest days of the year.

2008 started with a bang.  Full Body Transplant embraced the new year by crowning Northern Exposure as the greatest television show of all time.  That post got some amazing comments, and some spectacular connections.  Our life has never been the same.

February is for lovers, and we make sure every month includes a few Valentines.  The blog got kissed with a heaping helping of original Mulletman art.

Marching forward smack dab into some seriously tasty Sea Creatures?  Yes please.

April Showers brought synchronistic Mike Watt albino squirrels.  Really, they did. 

May I pause for a moment?  Thanks, these are really hard to choose.  There is some great stuff in here.  Especially the kind that includes Promethea.

June, the month that school gets out.  Ahhh.  Hot stuff, it always looks like freedom to me.

July is the month of my birth, and this time around I celebrated with a brand new job!

August was sluggish, except for a burst of confidence from the greatest compliment ever received.

And that brings us up to date!  Stay tuned, stay squirrelly, and accept my sincere thanks.  I could not have done this without you.

Here we go again!

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Yankees Lose! Yankees Lose! Yankees Lose!

Feels like 2003 all over again…

It is done.  13 consecutive years of playoffs, 240 million dollars spent on salaries in one season, and the New York Yankees will be watching the postseason on the couch.  Alex Rodriguez made more money than the entire Florida Marlins team this year, and it did not pay off.



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Taking stock on the verge of the anniversary.

It has almost been one whole year since I started this blog.  Amazing things have happened in such a short time, and the documentation of the life I am living has never been more fascinating.  As I scroll through the intense ranting and raving that was captured here over the past 363 days, I get a sort of prismatic portrait of my self.  Of course that includes you, my extended interwebbish family.

Thanks for being here.  It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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The Party is about to begin…

What is the best moment of the year to celebrate in our house?  The night the New York Yankees get eliminated from the playoffs, of course!

It could be tonight, it could be tomorrow, but it will happen within the next couple days.

Champagne on ice, open invitation to anyone who wants to show up.  Join us in person, join us in spirit, just join us in the bawdy bonanza as the bloated bombers go down once again.  See you then!

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Mulletman Owns All.

Okay, I need you to confirm this.  My eyes must be deceiving me.  Check that banner on top.   Magneto is facing off against… Longshot?  For real?  We.  Have.  Arrived.

Mulletman for the win.


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It’s alive, and I am capturing it for posterity.

Just went live with a new article.  I still pinch myself every time I see how absolutely gorgeous one of those things can be on the mothership.  Enjoy a few screenshots, or hit that link for the full effect.

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Gettin’ Squirrelly With It.

So I hear a certain buzz ringing in the ears of the Vs. System faithful.  Preview time is once again nearly upon us.  We are supposed to update these blog things to prove our worthiness, not to mention our undying love.


Sling some virtual unseen cardboard this way, natch!


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Expanding Faces.

Whoa.  This job is mighty exhausting.  My creative senses are being expanded by the pure vitality of elementary school brainpower, while my organizational energy is drained down to empty every single day.

That is the demonstration example I did for my new lesson.  I will post some student interpretations in the coming weeks.  Right now I need a nap.

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