Kitchen Table Go! Stu’s Return-ament Decklists.

Okay gang, it’s party time.  This will be a round robin tournament.  Each deck will play each other deck in a seven game tournament.  The two decks with the least losses will play in the finals and the two decks with the most losses will play for the bronze.  Make your predictions, and reap the rewards.

Wild Vomit

24 Wild Sentinel
12 Sentinel Mark 4
4 Longshot, Rebel Freedom Fighter
4 Senator Kelly

4 Search and Destroy
4 Reconstruction Program
4 Cover Fire

4 Underground Sentinel Base

War Paint

18 Infernal Minions
4 Zazzala <> Queen Bee, Mistress of the Hive
4 Mantis
4 Tattooed Man, Living Ink

3 BRPD Signal Device

4 Criminal Mastermind
4 Secret Files
4 World War III
4 Infestation
4 Die for Darkseid
3 Strategic Thinking

4 Hard Light Storage Tank


12 Multiple Man, Army S.H.I.E.L.D.
4 Domino
4 Shadowcat, Phase Shifter
4 Wolverine, Logan
4 Cable, Nathan Summers
2 Jubilee, Mallrat
2 Beast, Bookworm
2 Bishop, Timecop
1 Bishop, Age of Apocalypse
1 Changeling

4 Bodyslide
4 Fastball Special
4 Mobilize
4 X-Men Assemble!
2 X-treme Maneuver
1 Power Nexus
1 Bamf!

2 Birthing Chamber
2 Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning

Squirrels Gone Wild

16 SHIELD Agents
4 Squirrel Girl
4 Speedball<>Penance, Painmonger
4 Maria Hill
4 Wolverine, Agent of SHIELD

4 Mobilize
4 Savage Beatdown
4 Blinding Rage
4 Flying Kick

4 SHIELD Helicarrier
3 Torture Chamber
3 Birthing Chamber
2 Evil Lair


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