Vs. System Weenie Wonderworld Championship Results.

Hey y’all.  I will be cross-posting the results of Stu’s Return-ament both here and on Vs. Realms.  The first four games are contained in the comment section of this post.  You can also click on the eye candy to be redirected to the artist who blessed us with such visual bliss.  The card representing X-babies is an original sketch card by Andy Price from the Rittenhouse “Women of Marvel” set. 


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3 responses to “Vs. System Weenie Wonderworld Championship Results.

  1. X-babies opened the tournament against War Paint, and won the dice roll. Every deck desperately wants odds, each kills easily on five with a decent draw, so the original tossing skill for each round will be absolutely key.

    Game One.

    War Paint flipped Criminal Mastermind on turns one, two, and four. Yowsa, what a way to start this thing. No BRPD Signal Device at all, so Zazz was naked. X-smashies to the face, Cable slides for 22 endurance, Fastball to dig the painted face into the dirt. Adding insult to injury? Bamf!

    Sixty point endurance spread. Ouch.

    Game Two.

    This time, even with no extra cards drawn, War Paint put the pieces together precisely. Entering turn five the Gang’s endurance was down to 5, with X-babies still sitting pretty in the crib with 42. No problem.

    4 Infernal Minions, Zazz, Mantis, and Tatts. Two Infestation and THREE Die for Darkseid. In other words, the World War would not start… but there was enough heat to finish things.

    The crazy part? X-babies had nine freaking characters out! This match-up will be tough sledding for War Paint, even with odds. The final splash of Infestation for 60 to the face will be nearly impossible, and the Minions really don’t have the luxury of whittling away the Madroxii from the other side of the board.

    But this time, it was enough.

    56 endurance loss on one turn? Sweet. The final 18 burn coming from three Die for Darkseid? With their replacement effect thanks to Mantis? Heaven on Earth.

    So far, it’s 1-1 in the X-babies/War Paint match. Good times.

  2. Squirrel Girl won the dice roll, and picked the preferred odds. Wrong move.

    Vomit had Search and Destroy for the Wolverine, and Kelly made sure it ended on five. No bushy tailed Agents showed up at all, so the first game was a disaster.

    Then Squirrel Girl chose evens, and things fell into place just right.

    Penance for 15 (re-recruited on four).

    Four agents total, burning for another 8.

    Two Beatdown, two Rage, one Flying Kick? Wolvie for the win. Now that I type it that way, it could actually win on turn three!

    That’s a sweet little furry tree rodent who packs a powerful punch.

    Wild Vomit 1, Squirrels Gone Wild 1. I love this game.

  3. Nice stuff. That Sentinel cover is awesome!

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