Taking Requests.

Guess what? I got my interwebs back on en la casa! That’s right, Full Body Transplant will be back to daily updates and Vs. System ramblings are about to commence.

In honor of the occasion, I dove back in and found this gorgeous example of chaotic synchronistic epiphany by googling “sloppy bliss connection”.

Julie Andrews herself, from her memoirs:

Once in a while I experience an emotion onstage that is so gut-wrenching, so heart-stopping, that I could weep with gratitude and joy. The feeling catches and magnifies so rapidly that it threatens to engulf me.

It starts as a bass note, resonating deep in my system. Literally. It’s like the warmest, lowest sound from a contrabass. There is a sudden thrill of connection and an awareness of size — the theater itself, more the height of the great stage housing behind and above me, where history has been absorbed, where darkness contains mystery and light has meaning.

Light is a part of it … to be flooded with it, to absorb it and allow it through the body.

The dust that has a smell so thick and evocative, one feels one could almost eat it; makeup and sweat, perfume and paint; the vast animal that is an audience, warm and pulsing, felt but unseen.

God, I love that feeling. Leave it to Mary Poppins to remind me.

Now it’s your turn. Submit your requests. What do you want from me?


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6 responses to “Taking Requests.

  1. thederangedbear

    Barack Obama themed deck plz!

  2. OMG i love you so much more right now. That is an inspirational idea.

    Your wish is my command.

  3. Lemme guess… Sarah Palin’s a Morlock? 😉

    Given your love of art, I’d love to see something on your favourite cards from a purely artistic perspective, and then to see what kind of deck you could toss together around them.

  4. New community army deck, much like War Paint. Wait until MEV comes out, and let the one-cost weenies fly.

  5. I can hardly wait for the full spoiler, this is gonna be good.

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