The first election results are in!


Tiny Dixville, New Hampshire, is done voting in the 2008 presidential election.


Barack Obama 15

John McCain 6

Compare that to previous elections:


Bush 19
Kerry 7


Bush 21
Gore 5


Dole 18
Clinton 8


Bush 15
Perot 8
Clinton 2


Bush 34
Dukakis 3

Barack is the first Democrat to win there since 1968. Wow. The final results of this campaign could be absolutely stunning.


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5 responses to “The first election results are in!

  1. I bought that shirt, it’s gorgeous in person.

  2. On a handsome rascal like you?

    The ladies swoon.

    Great news, mad props.

  3. Wendix

    Thanks so much for sharing. You have great work here!

    Especially LOVE the shirt.

    I gotta get me one.

  4. transientreporter

    Me too. Where do I get one?

  5. I haven’t compared the sites, but you can find a few different sources by googling “Obama Superman shirt”.


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