Barack Obama is President of the United States of America: Hard Working Chaos Magick for the win.


I have never felt anything quite like this. I have never worked this hard for a presidential campaign. I have never been this excited for our country.

America is on the verge of a glorious new chapter in her history, and I am thrilled to say I was a small part of Barack Obama’s victory.

Chaos Magick comes in all flavors. This one is a hoot:

Most of the phone banking I did was focused on Ohio. The Buckeye State. The most bologna state in the union. The place I grew up. I remember going to Ohio Stadium to see Archie Griffin win two consecutive Heisman trophies. Ohio has never made me more proud than I am tonight.


There are many, many marvelous memories from this campaign. None more powerful and poignant than the blissful fistbump. Let’s salute all the effort it took to get here America, the celebration will expand all the way into the history books.


Barack Obama is President of the United States of America. Party on!




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10 responses to “Barack Obama is President of the United States of America: Hard Working Chaos Magick for the win.

  1. Many gratz, Stu. Enjoy the party.

  2. Masterfully done, sir. The world rejoices with you.

  3. You’ll appreciate this blog entry from a friend who helped her six-year-old daughter decide how she was “voting”.

    “I tried to explain the issues to her level. She voted yes to support the schools. I told her that she would get her art and music classes back full time but that mom and dad would have to pay more rent because taxes would go up and we wouldn’t be able to afford as many toys for her. She misses her art class beyond words.”

  4. Thank you, brother. That fills me with boundless teary-eyed joy.

    … beyond words.

  5. So what now? Back to VS? Coming to Battle of the Border? 😉

  6. Currently I need a nap. For at least three days.

    After that, who knows? I sure would love to dive into the new Mulletman with both brains.

    Here’s hoping I can get my groove back!

  7. transientreporter

    Job well done…
    I think Franken might need some help in Minnesota…

  8. D

    I have a feeling that D.C. is going to be packed on inauguration day. 🙂

  9. christian

    Incredible stuff. I am still reeling from the feelings and the idea that things are going to change. Being a student and this only being the second election I’ve voted in, as well as living with the last eight years as being a good part of my politically conscious life, it feels incredible. I feel like I have a future now.

  10. ginabentley

    I love all the art you’ve posted from various artists and your own on previous posts for Obama. How inspiring is this eloquent, thoughtful man?! How amazing that after these 8 years in the wilderness, we seem to be at the verge of the Promised Land? :]
    Good work with the GOTV phone calling!!

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