Waking from the nightmare with a three-day nap.

recurring20nightmare   deranged20hermit 

The past eight years have taken a mighty toll on my mojo, but the scary times are nearly over. I feel a sense of immense present tense pulsing through the soil of our great land. America is awakening. My character is exhausted, but the next phase is just over the horizon. After a three-day nap I will be blasting boisteriously into the brilliance of the New Day Rising. Thank you, to anyone who helped to open this portal into a glorious rebirth of human potential. We needed this collective Shift very badly, and we did it. Yes we did.



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3 responses to “Waking from the nightmare with a three-day nap.

  1. Indeed they are.

    We started playing Magic about 8 years ago, and that is one killer combo right there. With a Hermit in the graveyard, the nightmare becomes a dream.

    When Vs. System started 4 years ago, we stopped playing Magic. But the squirrels are still in my blood.

  2. It’s hard not to love squirrel tokens. I have a particular soft spot for thalids and thrulls (both from the Fallen Empires expansion). Something delightful about multiplying counters.

    I’m looking forward to what’s in Obama’s hand!

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