New Day Rising with a Leapfrogged Last Laugh.


The card was unveiled on Carlos the Dwarf’s master blog.

It was the first thing that entered my brain this glorious new day, immediately following my morning triple espresso.

Then, obviously, I googled “Savage Tofu Last Laugh”.  If you know me at all, you are catching the drift.

Let the opposing attacks wreck Ratcatcher. Wait until all your dudes are stunned, and then burn for 60.

If the opponent has dished out less than 79 endurance loss by the end of turn 4 with this goldfish, the Rat’s Laugh will be laughing last. After all this is said and done, there were only ten cards left in the deck. This was a fairly clunky draw, so it obviously can be really brutal to play against. I have been working on versions of this deck since Pro Circuit Los Angeles 2006. As more 1-drop evaders are created, Rat’s Laugh will become even more gruesome.

The original article that houses that quote from Joe Corbett is right here at the click of a mouse. It is one of the crowning achievements in Vs. System history. And if you scroll down to see the punk rock pioneer-o-thon that was officially endorsed by Mike Watt himself in the post under this one, you can see that this New Day Rising is coming together quite nicely in a way that I could have never dreamed possible.

Stay tuned to this station. The Leapfrog is gonna get my groove back, I can feel it.



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4 responses to “New Day Rising with a Leapfrogged Last Laugh.

  1. fegs66


    really enjoying your blog , keep up the good work !

    i’m currently asking the “who is you guitar hero ?” question

    Have a look and tell me yours


  2. I’ll be right over, as soon as I fix that link in the body of this post.


  3. Joe Corbett

    Interestingly Rian I have an article that I wrote that I have not posted yet that has both this link & every possible really cool Insanity link. We tried to do this Insanity month of October @ the Inky Blot. I was going to post it but then I got the Hyperion preview & thought it best to wait until after all dust settles with MEV.

    Hey I want to do some Video Blogs for the Inky Blot & was wondering if I could interview you? I want to make em short that way people won’t get bored. I tell you the truth as much as I like the VS podcasts I never listen to them because they are too freaking long.

  4. Joe Corbett

    You know when I saw this card the first thing I thought of was the ol ratcatcher shennigans. Can you imagine how awesome this card will be for Shield armies? It is possible to mill your opponent completely by turn 5 with just 1 drop soldiers & this crazy evasion card. It is not like they don’t have a team up or anything.

    Love it.

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