Marvel Evolution Previews: Purified by The Purifiers.


Is anyone 100% pure?

In my humble opinion, the only human thing that is totally pure is the ability to accept the impossibility of total purity. Life must be embraced with all its flaws intact. The crusade to scour the world of sin and imperfection is bald arrogance and utter villainy.

The Purifiers have a different view.

Like all religious zealots, they are driven by the false idol of perfect morality. They insist on imposing their illusion of ethical cleansing on the rest of us. They are the essence of true evil.

Now that they have been incarnated as one-drop Vs. System army characters, however, I am warming up to The Purifiers quite nicely. Especially since their discard effect will allow my weenie dreams to take down the mightiest of opposing foes, while their mythological history includes Bastion’s head and the rebirth of Shiny Purple Slick.

But wait. It does not end there. The Purifiers have been given Legendary status, and it involves activated character abilities.


Yes, I said Bastion’s head.

Once upon a time, The Purifiers were so insanely brave that they broke into a highly guarded secret S.H.I.E.L.D. compound. What could be the reward for risking the wrath of Nick Fury and Squirrel Girl? Sentinel booty of the highest quality, obviously.

They got what they came for. The Purifiers stole the noggin of the character who dominated Vs. System competitive play longer than any other. Bastion’s brain was intact and mutants everywhere were in deep trouble.

The Purifiers were led by William Stryker, who also knew where to get a hold of the body of Nimrod. So they plugged in Bastion’s head and started a whole new chapter in Shiny Purple history.


Bastion is back, and The Purifiers form his new swarm. Nimrod returns as well. It tastes like pure Sentinel goodness, and we still haven’t gotten Purified yet.

In order to properly frame The Purifiers’ powerful supporting plot twist, I had to call on the community.


(Click that pic for more detail. It is a badge I wear with honor.)

The preview cards arrived in my lap via email during the Realms Crash of November 2008. With that massive message board watering hole out of commission, the mission commenced on instead.  I asked which activated character abilities were tops. These are some of the responses.


I would have to say Puppet Master, Philip Masters for several reasons. First of all he takes down all other characters that want to get away with activating in response because it targets opponents and not characters. Oh you want to activate Pyro in response? That’s cool but you still have to exhaust another character, HA I love that. Second, not many cards or effects protect players that early in the game from direct targeted effects. Third, there is a plethora of cards that can be used in unison with our bald headed freak: Crushing Blow, Charaxes – Dury Walker as well as a healthy dose of other Arkham Inmates cards that prefer characters to be exhausted like Smiles Everyone for example. Rogue – Power Absorption + any other card that allows to copy activated abilities like Mimic. Air-Walker – Gabriel Lan + any other card that has an exhaustion effect like The Sensational Spider-Man. Random, or any other card that can get a bonus when an activated power is used. Mojo gets bigger because he’s unaffiliated….

The list goes on and on. Still one of the things I like the most about him is that he has been around since the game started way back in MOR waiting to lend a helping hand to the few that remember him from his humble beginnings in Doom control type decks, X-stall and even unaffiliated madness.


mike lopez:

I like Blackheart’s ability, but it would be more for an underdropping deck.



I generally think that any variation of “Activate -> stun something” is pretty strong.

Anyway, among my activated faves:

Dr. Light-6

Emma Frost-4 and-6

Prof X-5 (copy this sucker with Rogue-4 and Mimic-6, and your opponent can kiss their hand goodbye)
Green Goblin-5 (MSM)

Riddler-1 and -2

Mr. Miracle-5
Desaad (DSM)
Master Mold (now there’s a 5-drop he can freebie into play!)
The Sentry






As for my favorite activated ability it would go to 4-Drop June Moon.

If I had to choose the most powerful ever introduced into the game I would have to go with the original Puppet Master. No set-up needed for that guy to screw up an opponents game plan.


BPRD Agent:

Definitely 6-drop Master Mold. The big guy combo’d with Underground Sentinel Base was unstoppable.


VSU Dragon:

If you want my real personal favorite would be Silver Surfer, Rider of the Spaceways. I am a huge HoG fan and I have probably played that single card more than any other in my entire life.  I always have a deck with him in it sitting around ready to play.


Now, I will agree that those are all very powerful abilities and really strong cards. I have played against them numerous times, and I like each and every one for their flavorful characters and myth-specific strategies. But.

They are not pure enough.

Puppet Master? Pfft. Tap THIS.

Blackheart just ate three dudes from your pile, and he has nothing to show for it? Darkness envelopes your best-laid plans with righteous laughter.

Dr. Light just got his bulb dimmed.

Firestar wants to roast my weenies, but all I see is smoke.

June Moon dumped that endurance too soon, and her KO will be my boon.

As much as I love me some Master Mold, he is about to be a sitting duck.  A rather LARGE sitting duck.

Oh, and one more thing. That Heralds deck you have sitting around ready to play? It is about to be Purified.


Hot stuff, eh? Negate any single character ability with the touch of a one-cost army button. And throw in a Finishing Move for free! While The Purifiers themselves will need to have a copy in play unstunned to get their character-based effect, this plot twist sizzles wickedly no matter who you have on the board. Looks like a good reason to pack a few one-cost army mutant-hating super-religous nut-cases. Weenie love has never been so strong, and it threatens to set a new standard.

100% Pure.



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12 responses to “Marvel Evolution Previews: Purified by The Purifiers.

  1. Shadowtrooper

    Wow I was quoted in Stu’s blog. All I have to say is that I want to be Purified.

  2. Tommy G

    Oh…my…God! Lets just forget about the effects of the cards etc and look at the artwork. The Purifiers look awesome, and Purified with Wolverine burning = win! Their effects? Hubba hubba. I was a bit wary of buying MEV…now I want. I will not be happy until I have 20-30 The Purifiers and 4 Purified. Just being able to sit at the table and shout “FEEL HIS REDEMPTIVE FIRE”…oh yes! Religious Zealots for the WIN!!

  3. glsteve

    Well that plot twist is a wee bit broken.

  4. BPRD_Agent

    Oh snap! I’m featured in a blog! Haha, I’m totally excited…

    Moving on to the preview, very awesome! I can’t wait to team up the purifiers with the Sentinels. What a force to reckoned with, and with that new Bastion, it shouldn’t be too hard. Thanks for reviving my favorite team UpperDeck!

  5. ReasonOverMythology

    Wow – nice cards.

    Evil, but very strong.

  6. I love Characters that act like Plot Twists! The Purifiers is no exception. I like that you need one in play to turn the others in hand into -2 effects. And once you lose (by choice or otherwise) your 1-drop, you have a way to continue the beats.

    Can’t wait to play IG/Purifiers . . . .

  7. OSM

    did I miss something? Why do you need a copy of The Purifiers in play in order to play Purified?
    “To play, discard a card named The Purifiers” ….
    Heralds might turn this into a toolboxing trick right back at ya!

  8. I guess you got twisted.

    I said you need a copy in play to get the character effect, but not to play Purified. Purified is pretty darn generic, it will be toolboxed massively.

    Pure communication chaos!

    (I will add a couple more words to clarify.)

  9. June Moon looks like Carmen Sandiego XD.

  10. You just nailed the Shadowpact theme!

    Where in the world is my endurance?

  11. BPRD_Agent

    Rian, we got to make some new sentinel/purifier decks! I’ll try working on one, and I’ll let you know if i come up with anything good.

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