Tiny Treasure Hunt: Stu’s New Game.


Nina and I have played this game every night for a week.  Seriously, we have.

The person who can answer these questions first wins any three rares in my possession that do not fit in my weenie decks. Ready, set, Unicorn!

1. What is the name of the game?

2. Why is that the perfect opening hand?

3. What characters did Ulysses become to win the game on turn three?

4. What is that on the wall behind the cards?

5. What is that Pandora thing all about?

6. What’s up with the juxtaposed images? It was not done with Photoshop, so how did the Unicorns get on the Pandora screen?

Go get ’em, Zebra.


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13 responses to “Tiny Treasure Hunt: Stu’s New Game.

  1. That game absolutely rocks.

    Classic images, perfectly balanced luck factor, massive replay value. It even has a small amount of hate strategy!

    One of the best games we have found.

  2. Tommy G

    Damn it. I might not be able to answer them all but I’ll give it a damn good go.

    1) Game is called Sequence for Kids

    2) Win hand. Use free corner in bottom. Ulysses can become any creature. Bottom left corner next to zebra, and two other creatures for win unless opponent has a Dragon to remove counters.

    3) Ostrich…I’ve never played this so I’m gonna guess here: Ollie The Ostrich?

    4) Thats the hand drawn sketch of Longshot you’ve got I believe.

    5) Pandora Internet Radio: find new music, listen to web radio (unavailable to us in the UK). http://www.pandora.com

    6) gah! I don’t freaking know!!! iphone or webcam..

    So close yet so far.

  3. Tommy Ashton

    1. Sequence for Kids

    2. Zelda is immediately diagonal from a free space, and the two unicorns can be used to place chips anywhere (they’re basically “wild”) so it’s a guaranteed sequence off the bat. note: turtle, fox, panda, lion, hippo, tiger, elk or penguin would be just as good as the zebra; shark, orca, croc, elephant, camel, kangaroo or grey wolf not so much.

    3. Animals are a giraffe and an ostrich; based on alliterative names (Trevor the Tiger, Willie the Wolf, Lucas the Lion, Dorothy the Dragon) I’m betting on George the Giraffe (since Geoffrey might be trademarked by Toys R US?) and Ollie the Ostrich.

    4. Looks like the original sketch for Longshot (seen at right on the blog)

    5. Pandora is free online radio that evolves to a user’s taste, mixing in recorded preferences and informed predictions (from a descriptive archive).

    6. It looks like a photo viewing/editing program open on top of the internet browser; I’m unfamiliar with it, but it could be a program called Cooliris? That’s assuming it’s not iPhone chicanery – since I don’t have one, nor have I ever used one, it’s impossible for me to tell for sure, but I know Pandora is advertised as an app so it’s just a modestly-informed hunch.

  4. Tommy G

    Ackkk! I forgot it was character”S” to win the game on 3. I fail. I now go to flush my head down the loo.

  5. Oh. My. God.

    This is already the best night of my life. Both of those first two answers filled my whole being with buzzsaw grinning purplicious deep essence quenching.

    You guys rock my world.

    The first names are all wrong except Lucas, but endlessly entertaining.

    The answers to the sixth question are ice cold. Not even close.

    Both of you can send me a list of rares you need to: fullbodytransplant@dadeschools.net and I will reward you proper, but the hunt is still Ragin’ Full On!

  6. What’s your pandora station? I’d love to give it a listen if you’re willing to share it.

    No idea on the game, but it sounds… interesting.


  7. Mike, we found the best ever, just tonight.

    Make a Luscious Jackson station and turn it up real loud.

  8. Damn, I figured out four of the six questions before even thinking to check if anyone else had answered them yet 😉

  9. Tommy G

    Olive the Ostrich and Georgina the Giraffe…thats my last guess on the names.

    And the picture…if its not the iphone…is it the new iGoogle phone? Or is just a random conbining of the planets that mystically created the image on your computer? 😀

  10. Random combining of the planets that mystically created the image?

    That’s getting warmer…

  11. You were looking at another application and then you switched back to Pandora. But Pandora’s applet didn’t repaint the screen (except for the progress bar, which it would expect to be constantly changing) before you took this screenshot.

  12. That is correct, due to the ancient nature of my buggy old machine!

  13. Tommy G

    Of course. That explains the big bar in the middle of the picture!


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