Twilight with Doop.


Tonight is the night. Twilight, in person.

While we wait, we can groove on Doop.

The big green jelly bean has a new version and it sucks my brainblood like a teenage vampire. Turn seven can’t-be-stunned 20 ATK X-Statix ecstasy courses through my veins while drawing me toward Vs. System with an unquenchable desire.

It teases, just like the anticipation of Twilight tonight at midnight.

See you in the morning for a review!


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7 responses to “Twilight with Doop.

  1. Really? Twilight? The emo vampire movie? I kinda understood Juno, but Twilight?

    *This* Twilight?

  2. Tommy G

    I love this card.

    “I attack into Doop with my big a** Doomsday. I chuck down some Paths of Destruction and etc. I’ve got a 32/24 Doomsday coming your way!”

    “I play Fast Getaway and Nasty Surprise.”


    Yeah I love this card sooooooo much.

  3. TG, indeed. The card is insane.

    Spud, yep. My daughter is actually doing her PhD paper on it and I must keep current.

  4. Joe Corbett

    This Doop card has been my favorite thus far previewed. He is like Punisher Jury without the Batmobile. Burn Rubber luvs Doop.

    I don’t want to give away my other favorite cards from the set because I am sure as of now not many people will be buying them immediately on e-bay. SHHHHHHHH!!!!

  5. BPRD_Agent

    Dang, he’s really powerful!

  6. Joe Corbett

    Hey Rian I checked my (Shane Wiggans) dashboard & the Inky Blot got 892 views today. Incredible! 392 veiws were on the Star Jammer preview alone. Something must be wrong. There must be something more popular named The Star Jammer.

    If you didn’t know Shane started the Inky Blot months ago. He asked all of us to start writing articles & we did. About 2 weeks later Shane had to stop doing the site because of work related reasons. So I offered to take over for him in his hiatus. OBV Savage Tofu Blog would be better :)!

    Thanks for the heads up. We had more people on that blog today then all the people who visited the site the months pryor.

    God Bless Ya


  7. Joe, it was not something else named Star Jammers.

    It was you. Your Savage Tofu charisma.

    And a preview card, of course. This game is still red hot. I posted the photographic evidence in the Realms MEV preview forum. Enjoy!

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