Longshot loves Arsenic. He loves her a lot.

longshot1 gertrude

How blonde are you? That’s the flavor text of the Runaways’ one-drop Vs. System character, and she rocks Longshot’s world. The Mulletman is blonde as it gets.

Gertrude Yorkes also give a wink and a nod to any weenie-loving Ratcatcher fan who was looking to ride The Leapfrog into an evasion-burn black hole of cardboard glory.

In other words, Stu happy. Stu VERY happy.

This is gonna work. More than I ever imagined it could.

Leave me a comment, or just stay tuned. My drawing board just lit up like a nuclear powered disco ball. The party is ON.


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4 responses to “Longshot loves Arsenic. He loves her a lot.

  1. Whoa, I just realized something.

    Gertrude could search for herself!


  2. OSM

    this is also longshot’s 3rd version, correct? very fitting flavor text.

    character-specific effects could be looked into; example, you recruit arsenic, put captain america to the top, then recruit the MUN falcon for +2/+2 counters (basically getting you a free character)

    Also (and potentially more game breaking), runaways have plenty of mill effects; you can mill yourself. recruit arsenic, put character X ontop, mill yourself, play carrying the torch.
    yeah, sweet ain’t it?

  3. I wanna abuse long shot with shield and just keep calling agents all day. Hopefully giving me enough for bastion later on.

  4. Shadowtrooper

    Don’t really like the combo, what can I say. You’ll need her to be equipped with The Leapfrog that means you won’t be replaying her unless you have another copy of The Leapfrog. It would be easier to get a ton of army fellas with:
    1) A bunch of them in the deck.
    2) Reusable Longshots with Origin Story.
    3) Army guys could also benefit from Origin Story.

    Gertrude reminds me of Boliver Trask and Lady Blackhawk. Only difference is Boliver was way back in MOR and that simple search was enough back then but not anymore IMHO. Lady Blackhawk has substitute and that made her able to search for characters throughout the entire game. Gertrude is nice, a bit better than Boliver but worst than Lady B.

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