Twilight Review: Baseball with Bite.


Twilight was very entertaining, especially when they played superpowered vampire baseball.

The movie is a cross between Stigmata and Beverly Hills 90201.

The grainy MTV cinematography really works.

The bedroom scene was exceedingly hot, and a perfect portrayal of young lust taking control of the human heart.

The first twenty minutes is a truly gripping tale of the harsh reality of high school intensity.

The gazebo scene near the end was surreal campy sweetness.

The verdict? Two fangs up. We honestly dug it.



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2 responses to “Twilight Review: Baseball with Bite.

  1. From what I’ve seen, it looks really, how to put it? Corny? Cheesy? Silly? It doesn’t look like a good movie, at least from the trailers. It looks like everything is very forced and stiff. It looks overly dramatic with lots of overacting and corny romantics. It looks like a romance story that happens to have vampires and less like a vampire story that happens to also have a love story. Also, it felt very unrealistic (from the trailer). Is it? Is it a sappy love story (with vampires) or is it a vampire action-movie (with romance)?

  2. I must admit that I went into it with a totally open mind, resolved to like it if it deserved liking.

    In my humble opinion, it deserves it.

    The acting and feelings were strong. It is a romance with vampire flavor, and I adore romances.

    I did not go in worrying about “realism”, I went in to enjoy a sappy teenage love story.

    And I did enjoy it, even when it got cheesy.

    It was an MTV video style modern movie, so of course it was shallow, but it was well done.

    The acting was much better than… say… the latest Hulk movie with Edward Norton. That movie had me screaming bloody murder. Twilight really involved me in the story, the Hulk was like cardboard puppet acting.

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