Who is Gertrude Yorkes?


You tell me.

What does that totem montage say to you about our freshly minted one-drop Runaways wonder-rare? Have you ever experienced her mythos in the comics? In seventy two hours I will have the card in my hands and answer the question myself, but for now… you tell me.

Who is Gertrude Yorkes?


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7 responses to “Who is Gertrude Yorkes?

  1. I think the thing I loved most about Gertrude was that she was, with the exception of one artist’s interpretation, chunky.

    She was intelligent, witty, and beautiful in her own way, without falling prey to the usual comic stereotype that every bloody character shy of the Kingpin is trim and athletic (and even then, Kingpin’s all muscle).

    Her humanity was her appeal.

  2. Absolutely my view as well.

    I adore the thickness. Always have, always will.

    This is one of those times when the Vs. System card will force me to dive deeply into the comic book myths, no doubt.

    Thanks for the personal take, that it exactly what I am looking for.

  3. Gertrude Yorkes is a character I like mostly because of her name. Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorite movies of all time. I honestly haven’t read much with her, the only thing being from the Free-Comic-Book Day X-Men/Runaways crossover, where Kitty and her talked while everybody else was fighting.

  4. Gertrude was pretty awesome – definitely a highlight of the Runaways. She’s clever, wry, she has her shit together, and she avoids being a comic cliche, all while Xavin and Karolina play around with gender identity (a subject that’s never really dealt with seriously in comics – though Runaways have since, from what I’ve seen, shied away from it as well).

    Runaways was just a fun book – while Spider-Man could be seen as a male geek wish fulfillment fantasy, Runaways was a surprisingly accurate portrayal of what being a teenager felt like. Very fond memories of the series… I just wish that the Runaways cards weren’t so expensive!

  5. I’m intrigued just by that totem-show above. I haven’t delved into Runaways yet, but I may well pick up a TPB or two.

    Especially as Gertrude Yorkes looks like the type of girl I’d go for in real-life. 😉

  6. name

    What the hell is up w/ the pic of Gert as a Cannibal!?!?

    I Can Tell You What She’s NOT!

    (And is that Chase’s spine protruding out his back??)

  7. Marvel Zombies = Taking Liberties.

    She can eat me anytime.

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