Going Rogue.


That amazing upgrade to the girl with the ultimate empathy powers was drawn by jollyjack, and it leads me to a major collision of mythological loyalty.

Squirrel Girl, Longshot, or Rogue?

When it comes to the best first turn play in the history of Vs. System, that is my dilemma. I love them all with all my heart. Mulletman and Bushy Tail both feed my taste for one-drop army candy swarms, but I have always had a huge soft spot for Rogue alongside mad respect for the advice of the Pro Circuit Champions of the game.

Enter David Leader.


The man they call “Disney” is as good as it gets when it comes to real strategy theory. Our new Rogue card actually caused him to gush. Her ability to create massive resource acceleration is taking off the gloves and teasing me with my favorite white-striped Southern Sweetie as an alternative to my usual weenie-fest on Turn one. It all revolves around the new mechanic called Shift, and David Leader explains how good it can be:

Turn 1: Shift counter on Shadowcat.
Turn 2: Proteus, add Shift counter to Shadowcat.
Turn 3: Shift out Blink and any other 3 drop (2 resource points), exhaust Proteus to add a counter to the other 3-drop (hopefully Iron Man), pay 1 to bring in Shadowcat, exhaust to bring in Blink, put down your 3 drop. If it was Iron Man, stun your hunted and drop a 2-drop.

As for drafting Shift, it’s like Boost; even if I’m not playing those teams, I want some of it in my deck, because it helps solve one of draft’s biggest potential issues: failing to use all of your resource points typically results in a loss.

And I do agree that Rogue is the best Turn 1 play ever.


So there you have it. The godhand of Shift domination, a reason to draft toward it, and the thing that is driving me more mad than ever.

Squirrel Girl, Longshot, or Rogue?


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4 responses to “Going Rogue.

  1. Eponymous

    Hey Stu.

    At the Lost Hemisphere Hobby League last night, I played three games of sealed, and managed to shift Rogue on turn 1 every game. It meant I missed my two-drop twice, as I wouldn’t mulligan a hand with her in it.

    Was it overpowering? Not really (especially since my first opponent matched my Rogue with his on Turn 1), but it certainly made up for misses later in the game.

  2. The infamous Eponymous on my blog? Word.

    I will never wash my monitor again!

    Thanks for the report. She is a monster, for sure. Just wait until she makes it to Constructed.

    My Mulletman is worried he will lose his spot in my heart, and Squirrel Girl may have finally met her match.

  3. Once you’ve tasted Eponymous, you never go back 😉

  4. Flashback81

    I will agree that she’s good, just today, on turn 7, I dropped my Shift crew, and managed to have a 12/11 Mystique 2-drop, a 22/22 Sasquatch, 7-drop Sabretooth, 5-drop Blink, and the lovely Rogue, as well as some exhausted lowbies that fed my Shift Counter-Revolution.

    So yes, a 5-drop for 1 Resource is where it’s at.

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