Thanos Turkey with Currs Stuffing and Fresh X-Babies Attack Sauce.


That was last year’s Vs. System Thanksgiving feast, live on the mothership. I was playing as the newly released Galactus, and my three wonderful children were running hordes of one-drop army dudes to swarm their father into submission. You can click that link to see the decklists and the final results. For the Feast of 2008, we have a fresh recipe from the other side of the Atlantic.


The center photograph is the actual gamestate that Joe “lordoflimbo” Clarke found himself in on turn six the other night in Britain. How in the world could so much stuffing come out of a single 60-card deck?

Before we start, you will need to know where to find the mythical Currs to stuff your bird. This is from the official Marvel Comics’ continuity book:



Home World


First Appearance
Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1, (2006)

Distinguishing Features
They use sensory like tentacles to find their way through the cosmos. They are only found in packs of threes and are attached to each other by a glowing umbilical cord.

Physical Description
Dog like creatures with no eyes.


That’s the meat of the deck, allowing the Thanos Turkey to spill its juicy bounty all over the board. Here is the actual recipe, by the Jankmaster Chef Joe Clarke himself. I hope you are hungry.

Thanos Turkey with Currs Stuffing
25x Currs, Army
4x Thanos, The Mad Titan
4x The Captain, Can’t Remember His Real Name
1x Sinestro, Yellow Lantern

1x Mind Gem

4x Genosha
4x Birthing Chamber

3x Carrying the Torch
4x Annihilating Conquest
4x Strategic Thinking
4x Heroes of Two Worlds
4x Invasion Plans

Basically, you want to mulligan for what feels right. It isn’t a specific condition, but if there was ever an auto-keep. It would be Thanos and a Genosha.
Turn 1
Play Currs.
Turn 2
Play Currs
Turn 3
Play Thanos
Turn 4
Play The Captain,
Naming The Captain/Annihilus
Turn 5
Step 1 – Play The Captain.
Step 2 – Name The Captain/Annihilus/Magneto
Step 3 – Name The Captain/Annihilus.
Step 4 – Activate Genosha drawing 4.
Step 5 – Activate Thanos, to re-use Genosha. Hopefully KOing a duplicate Birthing Chamber.
Step 6 – Use all the Invasion Plans you have.
Step 7 – Go into combat with the Currs.
Step 8 – Power-Up all your Currs, as it is the only reliable way of filling your KO’d pile with them.
Turn 6
Step 1 – Activate Thanos putting Genosha back in your row.
Step 2 – Recruit Thanos.
Step 3 – Use Genosha.
Step 4 – Let your opponent build
Step 5 – Play all available copies of Strategic Thinking.
Step 6 – Name The Captain/Annihilus/Magneto/Currs
Step 7 – Name The Captain/Annihilus/Currs.
Step 8 – Let some Currs resolve, until you have 6 characters in play.
Step 9 – Activate Birthing Chamber.
Step 10 – Activate Thanos, re-using the Birthing Chamber.
Step 11 – Let all the other Currs resolve and bring in as many as you can.
Step 12 – Play all the Annihilating Conquests you have available.
Step 13 – Profit.
Usually, about 10 Currs come in for free. A really good draw can get you somewhere in the region of 14. Don’t worry about having enough draw.
Thanos with Genosha is something really really special.
Really really special indeed, just in time for Thanksgiving. I have always adored Thanos. Especially as the boss in the original Marvel Super Heroes game on Playstation One with Thanos chicks and everything.
Which brings us to the sauce.
My friends, that is the flavor. It is the last card in the new Marvel Evolution set, which for all we know will be the last Vs. System set ever printed. It tickles my soul. See, if you click back over to last Thanksgiving, you will remember my mutant mashed potatoes that eventually evolved into the deck named “X-babies”. It was the first recipe that I created completely from scratch, and it made me the Marquee Champion of Miami before it went on to worldwide fame and fortune. Here, on Thanksgiving day, I would like to give thanks to Ben Seck and Billy Zonos for naming the final card in the MEV set in my honor. Not only will it fit perfectly inside every Vs. System dish I have ever cooked, but it stuffs me full of delicious bliss. Happy Thanksgiving, to one and all.


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7 responses to “Thanos Turkey with Currs Stuffing and Fresh X-Babies Attack Sauce.

  1. owen

    well been reading your blog now for a a short while, joe got me in to vs and your blog has helped me alot. just a message to say cheers and happy thanksgiving (even tho i aint on your side of the pond)


  2. OSM

    LoL is a very, very good deckbuilder. I am impressed. Happy turkey day to all.

  3. That is pretty saucy. I’ll need to start packing more counters around.

  4. The Currs were the “dogs” that were used by Ravenous and the other Seekers to hunt entities with the Power Cosmic. They were seen in Annihilation: Silver Surfer, where Ravenous ended up going after the Silver Surfer, who realized that the power that the Seekers had, the Opposing Force, was actually in the Currs, and harnessed by the Seekers. The Opposing Force, being the Negative Zone version of the Power Cosmic, made the Seekers ridiculously powerful, and the only thing that made them weaker was that if you destroyed the Currs (they would heal and come into being again, but you could get rid of them), then you could take out the Seeker without them using the Opposing Force. They were important.

  5. And they just became much cooler, thanks to that wonderful addition to their mythos.

    Outstanding information. Makes their card even better!

  6. Donnieman

    Excellent article. Amazing combo. It’s a pity I’m more a fan of curve 😛

  7. Joe Corbett

    Awesome article Stu.

    Wish I could have had TOFURKEY @ your house :)!

    Anyway glad to hear things are going well. I am still working on that video article. I think we may just have to video tape you being over our speaker phone. It may work?


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