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Tiny Treasure Hunt: Stu’s New Game.


Nina and I have played this game every night for a week.  Seriously, we have.

The person who can answer these questions first wins any three rares in my possession that do not fit in my weenie decks. Ready, set, Unicorn!

1. What is the name of the game?

2. Why is that the perfect opening hand?

3. What characters did Ulysses become to win the game on turn three?

4. What is that on the wall behind the cards?

5. What is that Pandora thing all about?

6. What’s up with the juxtaposed images? It was not done with Photoshop, so how did the Unicorns get on the Pandora screen?

Go get ’em, Zebra.


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Marvel Evolution Previews: Purified by The Purifiers.


Is anyone 100% pure?

In my humble opinion, the only human thing that is totally pure is the ability to accept the impossibility of total purity. Life must be embraced with all its flaws intact. The crusade to scour the world of sin and imperfection is bald arrogance and utter villainy.

The Purifiers have a different view.

Like all religious zealots, they are driven by the false idol of perfect morality. They insist on imposing their illusion of ethical cleansing on the rest of us. They are the essence of true evil.

Now that they have been incarnated as one-drop Vs. System army characters, however, I am warming up to The Purifiers quite nicely. Especially since their discard effect will allow my weenie dreams to take down the mightiest of opposing foes, while their mythological history includes Bastion’s head and the rebirth of Shiny Purple Slick.

But wait. It does not end there. The Purifiers have been given Legendary status, and it involves activated character abilities.

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The Watchmen Lost Their Squid.

A man with the actual name “Orlando Parfitt” is reporting a bit of a spoiler for the Watchmen movie, although anyone who would not want to know has surely heard by now.


The Huge, Annoying Tentacles that unite the world at the end of the Watchmen graphic novel? Toast.

Personally, I am bummed. Mostly because of my affinity for drippy trippy squippy things. A comment on the Newsarama announcement of this development contained a sentiment that sums up my remorse.

Spaz_Monkey wrote:

To be fair, the Squid Monster has a definite “Georgia O’Keefe” feel to it, if you know what I mean. I dunno how well that would be translated in the movie.

Spaz Monkey may be correct about the difficulty of filming such a thing, and it would have been tough to get past an “R” rating if they did it right, but I sure would have enjoyed it. Alas, no O’Keefe squidstuff for us. Back to Orlando Parfitt’s interview, shall we?

The big question: What have you got against the squid?!

Zack Snyder: I had a bad calamari experience as a child! Look I’ve got nothing against the squid. When I sat down with the studio and talked about the film, we had to make a decision about what stuff we included and what stuff we wouldn’t. For me Watchmen is all about the characters, whereas if we included the squid, I would have to illustrate it in the story and cut out some of the character. So I wanted more character and less story.

So we came up with something else – no-one knows yet what we’ve done but we hope it’s similar in philosophy to the ending of the graphic novel. I mean the end is all about taking a superhero all the way – you know it’s the bad guy who is the one who wants world peace. It’s a moral dilemma for all the characters involved.

Dave Gibbons: The tone of the graphic novel – the message, the moral ambiguity – has still been left intact. Also it’s not a squid; it’s a fifth dimensional phalymapod!

Fifth dimensional phalymapod, world uniting squid, whatever you want to call it, it is out. Oh well, at least we still have the squishy stuff in Hellboy.



Finally, for anyone who is seriously bummed out about this inglorious removal of tentacles, just wait until you see how much they need to change when they adapt Alan Moore’s Promethea.

Somehow, we adjust.


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More Hellboy, More Tease.


Three things.

1. It really helps to watch Hellboy II: The Golden Army with the Brightness on the TV turned all the way up. I cannot stress this enough. The movie is too dark to see all the details unless you go with maximum Brightness.

2. Upper Deck’s Hellboy Essential Collection trading card game still tops the list. I spent all night reviewing each other potential champion, and it still wins. If you know someone who enjoys deep strategy and debauched myths, you MUST track it down and give it as a holiday gift.

3. Monday night, one minute after midnight, is Marvel Evolution Preview Time once again right here at Full Body Transplant. Check this discussion forum for an early tease.

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Zinco Epilogue: Kroenen is Back! (Spoiler from Hellboy 2 DVD.)


I have been bountifully blessed in my life, and one of the most satisfying connections ever made is between me and Hellboy. That screenshot is from an article I wrote on the mothership. Yes, I had the ultimate privilege of introducing the world to the Vs. System cardboard incarnation of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.


The Essential Hellboy Collection remains the single greatest trading card game achievement in all of human history, in my humble opinion. It is increasingly rare, yet still can be found in a few places. If you have forgotten the guts of the thing, the entire interactive card list is available on Universe.


That is the combination I am dreaming of since The Leapfrog has been revealed, and the Zinco Epilogue gives strong hints about the potential return of Kroenen to the multiplex.

Before we get to that, I have one bit of advice. Watch Hellboy 2 with the Brightness on your TV turned all the way up. There is so much more detail in the costumes and sets that emerges if you can see it all. Honestly, the film is 144% better with maximum Brightness.

Slight spoiler to follow…

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army can be purchased in a Collector’s Edition that includes the alternate ending that never got filmed, in animated comic form. It rocks Karl Ruprecht Kroenen back to life, yes it does.

I, for one, hope that this signals a return of our favorite clockwork villain in the third film.

When I surfed around to find out more about this development, I found a sweet home for the inside dope on the evolving Hellboy mythos.  And I deeply dug the blurb detailing the villain star of the Zinco Epilogue.

Roderick Zinco is a billionaire who joined a secret society, THE WOTANIC CIRCLE, in order to gain access to the equipment that brought Hellboy into the world, equipment that promises a limitless source of energy.  Zinco’s journey to Hell through the picture is the classic cautionary horror story of “be careful what you wish for.”  He is the canvas upon which Rasputin’s evil is traced.

Wow. To be the “canvas upon which Rasputin’s evil is traced”.  Nice work if you can get it. Sounds about like the evil I plan to unleash with my Plague of Leapfrogs deck.  Care to help me trace?


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New Day Rising with a Leapfrogged Last Laugh.


The card was unveiled on Carlos the Dwarf’s master blog.

It was the first thing that entered my brain this glorious new day, immediately following my morning triple espresso.

Then, obviously, I googled “Savage Tofu Last Laugh”.  If you know me at all, you are catching the drift.

Let the opposing attacks wreck Ratcatcher. Wait until all your dudes are stunned, and then burn for 60.

If the opponent has dished out less than 79 endurance loss by the end of turn 4 with this goldfish, the Rat’s Laugh will be laughing last. After all this is said and done, there were only ten cards left in the deck. This was a fairly clunky draw, so it obviously can be really brutal to play against. I have been working on versions of this deck since Pro Circuit Los Angeles 2006. As more 1-drop evaders are created, Rat’s Laugh will become even more gruesome.

The original article that houses that quote from Joe Corbett is right here at the click of a mouse. It is one of the crowning achievements in Vs. System history. And if you scroll down to see the punk rock pioneer-o-thon that was officially endorsed by Mike Watt himself in the post under this one, you can see that this New Day Rising is coming together quite nicely in a way that I could have never dreamed possible.

Stay tuned to this station. The Leapfrog is gonna get my groove back, I can feel it.


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Punk Rock Changed Our Lives: A Contest of Wiles.


The revolution succeeded.  Punk rock set out to blatantly broadcast anyone with a voice full of something to say. The bands came down from the pedestal and got sloppy with their fans, and the fans ran home to start their own bands, and we are living happily ever after because of it.

My favorite flavor during the glorious revolutionary days of the late eighties was Minutemen. Mike Watt toiled forward to form fIREHOSE from the ashes, and the top photograph is visual evidence with ed fROMOHIO sporting one of our shirts. Margaret Griffis was there, that night at Churchills in Miami. Today, however, we have video.


That is correct, Tim Irwin’s righteous documentary “We Jam Econo” is now available on iTunes. You don’t even need to get up from your chair. Click that link in the first sentence, or use this keen little button right here:

The Story of the Minutemen

Of course accessibility is only the first step in the punk rock revolution still ragin’ full-on in the eyes and ears of human kind. Then, you must participate.

Thanks to the lovely Jessica at New Video, you get to do just that – with a contest. Here at Full Body Transplant we are proud to announce that the winner of this month’s Pioneer-o-thon will receive a code good for one free download of “We Jam Econo”. The movie shreds the senses, puts you in the passenger’s seat with Watt for the birth of SST records, and soothes the soul with an acoustic Corona.  You don’t want to miss it.

How do you win? Simple.  Tell us a true story about a time you Did It Yourself. When did you create instead of consume? When did you get right up in the face of your greatest rock hero and slap the sweat from the hand? When did you make your messy little mark on history, the way no one else ever could?

Punk rock is not just about music, and “We Jam Econo” is evidence. Watt talks about the way it works in every waking moment of a life. It’s an eye-set. A perspective. We want to hear yours.

Tell us about the best punk show you ever saw. Tell us about the best clothes you ever wore. Tell us about writing your own song, inventing your own method, telling your own story. Tell us about a time you beat someone in a game of Vs. System by using a card that no one else would be caught dead running. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just tell us how you did things yourself.

In three weeks we will choose a winner. Post your story in the comments, or send an email to:

In the meantime, we will tell our own punk rock war tales here in the comment section between each contest entry. Tell us your version, and jump for the chance to win the free download of “We Jam Econo” from iTunes. The revolution succeeded, and the party is on.


(That’s obviously Meat Puppets, wearing the best shirt I ever painted. Story to follow in the comments…)


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President Obama, the Artist.


My formal education was focused on Fine Arts, yet I consider every person an artist. No matter what you do or how you do it, you have your own sense of style.

But.  If we do not rescue the Arts at this turning point in our nation’s history, our cultural identity will be reduced to basic marketing and data processing. We will all still be artists, but we won’t be any good.

When it comes to the visual arts and Arts education, we are in trouble. The struggling economy combines with an emphasis on high-stakes standardized tests to strangle the creativity from our national voice. Arts programs and teachers are being cut from the system like blooming branches, leaving nothing but a bare trunk.

That is the main reason I focused all the energies I had on electing Barack Obama as President of the United States. After our completely exhausting, yet utterly satisfying victory, the new website was launched. I rushed over to see how the platform for the Arts contained in my first link had been preserved. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Before I go any further, I would like to introduce the work of Michael Murphy, exhibited in the Blackridge Gallery at Georgia College & University. The magnificent drawing at the top of this post is his, and his wire sculpture knocks my socks off.  Mike was gracious enough to give me permission to host his stuff here, but you really need to visit his site to get the full effect. Again, that’s It will enrich your soul.

The swirling uncontrolled greed that George W. Bush and his cronies unleashed on our nation has depleted the resources necessary for the Arts to thrive in our schools. Barack Obama understands that “The Art Spirit” needs to have a home in education and in our culture as a whole. He clarified his position a bit more within an issues page on, and he actually admitted that he considers himself an artist!

Barack Obama’s Plan


Our nation’s creativity has filled the world’s libraries, museums, recital halls, movie houses, and marketplaces with works of genius. The arts embody the American spirit of self-definition. As the author of two best-selling books – Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama uniquely appreciates the role and value of creative expression.

At first I was conflicted. Whoever wrote “as the author of two best-selling books” should have known how crass and common that pitch would sound. When I calmed down enough to understand what it was trying to say (taking out the “best-selling” would help for me) I realized that basically…

Our new President Elect considers himself an artist. As should we all.

John Lee took that photograph. It was two years ago, as Barack the Artist was sharing his work with an appreciative audience during a book signing. His chosen medium has changed drastically in 24 months. He will now be molding the clay of the entire planet.

Of course the tiny blurb about the Arts on the new website is nothing substantial. It is still more than we have heard from anyone this close to the ability to enact real change. Combined with the call for feedback sitting one click away from it on the page, it is more than enough for me.

Our cries have been heard, and understood, and championed by a fellow creative soul. President Obama, we salute you. Artist to artist.

By Joe Raedle, right down here in Miami.

By schwa242 at

By artumus-gonzo at

By roberlan at

Whatever your style, whatever your most important issue, make sure you click around on until you find something to add to the new national suggestion box. There is a new day rising for feedback between the government and its people. Be creative with it, and express yourself. We are all artists in our own way. And now we have a President who understands that.


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Barack’s Big Blue Beatdown.


Now THAT is a beautiful blue. Look at Indiana! I am out of bed just long enough to check my email, and it is overflowing with joyous celebration. This is my favorite.

For all the work you did, the long nightmare is over and I can’t communicate in words how much I appreciate it. Tonight I’ve wept for joy, I’ve hooped and hollered and I feel like this is the most important day of my life. I feel like this is the change we’ve all been waiting for and this man may be the most important man to live in my lifetime. Thank you, very much.

My dear friend, you are more than welcome. Thank you for capturing this feeling so perfectly. It’s a great day to be alive, and a great day to be an American.


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Waking from the nightmare with a three-day nap.

recurring20nightmare   deranged20hermit 

The past eight years have taken a mighty toll on my mojo, but the scary times are nearly over. I feel a sense of immense present tense pulsing through the soil of our great land. America is awakening. My character is exhausted, but the next phase is just over the horizon. After a three-day nap I will be blasting boisteriously into the brilliance of the New Day Rising. Thank you, to anyone who helped to open this portal into a glorious rebirth of human potential. We needed this collective Shift very badly, and we did it. Yes we did.


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Barack Obama is President of the United States of America: Hard Working Chaos Magick for the win.


I have never felt anything quite like this. I have never worked this hard for a presidential campaign. I have never been this excited for our country.

America is on the verge of a glorious new chapter in her history, and I am thrilled to say I was a small part of Barack Obama’s victory.

Chaos Magick comes in all flavors. This one is a hoot:

Most of the phone banking I did was focused on Ohio. The Buckeye State. The most bologna state in the union. The place I grew up. I remember going to Ohio Stadium to see Archie Griffin win two consecutive Heisman trophies. Ohio has never made me more proud than I am tonight.


There are many, many marvelous memories from this campaign. None more powerful and poignant than the blissful fistbump. Let’s salute all the effort it took to get here America, the celebration will expand all the way into the history books.


Barack Obama is President of the United States of America. Party on!



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The first election results are in!


Tiny Dixville, New Hampshire, is done voting in the 2008 presidential election.


Barack Obama 15

John McCain 6

Compare that to previous elections:


Bush 19
Kerry 7


Bush 21
Gore 5


Dole 18
Clinton 8


Bush 15
Perot 8
Clinton 2


Bush 34
Dukakis 3

Barack is the first Democrat to win there since 1968. Wow. The final results of this campaign could be absolutely stunning.


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