Fooly? Cooly? Fan Cards?




If ever. Two extremely powerful words. They open the door to the future, while often making precarious leaps from the past and present.

Those three magnificent fan-based imaginary FLCL cards created by Ollie “Terminexchet” Frith have been glowing in my hard drive and proxied in sleeves for 14 glorious months, itching to be played in places other than my kitchen table.

Are we almost there?

If ever Upper Deck Entertainment stops producing official Vs. System cards, could we create and maintain an “official” community tournament structure? Could we sanction and metagame with fan-based cards of all sorts?

What would that be like, if you were Worldwide Commissioner?

Let me see what pops out of your head this morning, I am off to flip some Fooly Cooly against X-Babies Attack!


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One response to “Fooly? Cooly? Fan Cards?

  1. Donnieman

    Naota ftw. That’s a pretty good 7 drop there.

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