The Peculiar Tickle of Obscurity.


The strange energy life-form known only as the Unimaginable cannot be seen by human eyes, its real shape unknown. Bored with existence, the Unimaginable left its native planet and traveled through space, exploring several other worlds and gathering various life-forms along the way. Arriving on Earth, it saw the JLA in action and decided that it wanted to join the team. However, the Justice Leaguers refused the Unimaginable’s demands, and the Unimaginable attacked, first with several of the alien creatures it had gathered, then in the body of one of them.

Now THAT is a character I would like to see captured on cardboard. The attempt to portray the Unimaginable is the kind of infinite creative quest that life is all about. And, while we are at it, we might as well fill the place with party lights!


Different. Dangerous. Diabolical. The Master of Moods, Dr. Spectro, the walking talking Disco Ball, is in the house. Every Saturday morning while we are watching cartoons we will dig up a couple of obscure characters who tickle our fancy and showcase them here. The only requirement? They must not have already been given a card in Vs. System. Dance to the colorful glow of obscure modern myths.


Mad props to chdb for turning us on to the Unimaginable sparkle motion of Dr. Spectro. Now it’s your turn. What obscure mythological comic book characters tickle your fancy?


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