Don’t Blink, The Bugs Are Back!

blink timebreakers

Insane synchronicity abounds here on Full Body Transplant, but you already knew that.

First of all, the Blink card you see above houses the art of none other than J.H. Williams. He is the genius that translated Alan Moore’s madness into the sublime brilliance that is Promehea.

Then, Sheye on Realms built a wicked gnarly Timebreakers deck featuring Mulletman that looks like this.


24 Timebreakers
4 Longshot, Earth-Mojoverse
4 Blink, Earth-295
4 Mariko Yashida

Plot Twists

4 Origin Story
4 Beak Saves The World
4 Mobilize/A Finer World
4 X-Babies Attack!
4 Clash Of Worlds


4 The Tallus

And then, as if that were not enough, we remember that I was, personally, dubbed “Sporty Bug” on the most insectoid team in the history of the game.


We’re Bugs is a team whose wackiness runs deep. They proudly count Keebler Powell as one of their main attractions. They also have a phantom multiplayer madman called “Savage Tofu.” That is legendary in itself. We’re Bugs can boast one thing that most other teams will never admit to—one of their members is their fashion consultant. Scott Cozzolino not only dresses flashier than you would ever want to in your life, but the other day on the forums, he wondered in public: “Should I be called ‘Posh Bug’?” That did it for me; when Spice Girl selection comes up in any conversation, I am like a nuclear laser beam. I claimed the name “Sporty Bug” immediately, if not sooner. I guess that means I should start saying “our” when I talk about We’re Bugs. Watch out for us. We may be jank with a bunch of little legs… but we do bite.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Now, can anyone tell me a first hand rendition of Blink and the Timebreakers? How did it all go down in the comic books?



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5 responses to “Don’t Blink, The Bugs Are Back!

  1. Joe Corbett

    Good Times! I miss the Keebe! He was one player I was really dissappointed that went over to WOW.

    I saw Scotty @ Worlds. Unfortunatly Scotty had to quit Vs because most of the bugs quit.

    I guess I am the last one left.

    Let me know when you break multiple man stu. I want a deck list.

    Hey Stu I got a new multiplayer deck I am working with out of the new MEV set. It is going to be a blast.

  2. Joe, we will always be bugs.

    The Bugs team affiliation never ends, it just goes dormant.

    We live forever in memory!

  3. “Now, can anyone tell me a first hand rendition of Blink and the Timebreakers? How did it all go down in the comic books?”

    Long story short: the Timebreakers are a fairly smart race of walking, talking Cockroach-things, who figured out how to jump around between alternate realities. On one such jump, they discovered the Panoptichron– a central hub for interdimensional observation and travel, which had mysteriously been abandoned by its creators. The bugs, being benign and curious in nature, started watching other worlds, and interacting with them in various ways.

    Naturally, they ended up completely breaking various timelines (hence, Timebreakers) through their interference. Not wanting to leave things in the state of disarray they’d created, they recruited two teams of superhumans from various realities (all mutants, a writing contrivance owing mainly to this being an X-book): the Exiles, a team of good guys who have general “save the day” and scavenger hunt duties in the worlds they’re sent to; and Weapon X, a team of horrific murderers and psychopaths who are sent to realities where the only way to fix the damage is to kill certain people.

    The Timebreakers interact with both groups through a weird hologram dude called the Timebroker, so we don’t find out their identity and story until very late in the series– long story short, a very bad person takes over the Panoptichron and starts issuing nonsensically evil orders to the Exiles, and they decide not to follow them, instead following the Tallus’ trail and invading the Panoptichron to save the bugs.

    It’s a neat concept… too bad the series went downhill after that point. 😦

  4. Spud, as usual, you are THE MAN.

    Thank you.

  5. Darnit, Spud got there before I did. And gave more detail than I could too. 😀

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