Expanding Promethea.



Those are three of the original construction sketches from the Promethea cold-cast statue. I found it on the blog of J.H. Williams III, and the originals are for sale in his store if you have the cash for the ultimate holiday gift.

The structure of the Promethea myth lends itself very directly to a set of Vs. System cards. It has enough dense source material that it could actually become an entire expansion set. It also opens the doors of perception for crazed creativity.

We got this brilliant nudge in the comments, from I Avian:

Promethea is genuinely fantastic work of art. Moore did things with words and pictures that you simply could not do in any other medium.

Suggestion for the fan set: Plot Twists for each of the Tarot Cards, Locations for each of the Sephiroth, and Equipment cards for each of the Magical Tools. (Even if they’re only metaphorical locations and items… maybe even a “symbol” keyword?)

That’s why I love this community so much. You guys always stretch my limits and take me places that I might not have found without you.

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