Vintage Playstation Endings.




Okay, so we haven’t upgraded our game system since Playstation One. We still own the greatest ending screens of all time.

Does anyone know what those pics are from and what I had to do to win them?

Do you have any other Vintage Playstation Endings to share with the class?

Oh. One more thing. Total Chaos. This world is now mine.


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10 responses to “Vintage Playstation Endings.

  1. silkmane

    I guess the most memorable video game ending for me has to be the ending for Final Fantasy Tactics when Ramza, the main character is finally united with his formerly kidnapped sister. They both ride off into the sunset while one of the support characters tells how he is going to make sure that everyone knows the truth behind the reasons for the Lion Wars and the intertwining of the kidnapping… corny , but good stuff.

  2. I love that game, but I made my own win condition.

    A whole team of flying eyeballs.

    The Ahriman is not powerful or especially useful, but 16 of them on one screen is a difficult accomplishment – and a sight to behold.

  3. VersasoVantare

    hmm, those ending pics are from Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, and to get that ending, you just had to beat the game with Shuma Gorath, right?
    Or was it Dhalsim’s ending? I can’t quite remember.

  4. Absolutely correct, and those are BOTH Dhalsim and Shuma’s endings.

    Dhalsim only has that one painting, and Shuma took it over. It was the keenest move in video game history to team them up.

  5. I personally prefer teaming up Blackheart with Shuma Gorath. Oh, and Chaos Dimension is my favorite Shuma Gorath move. Then again, I love Marvel, so I pretty much just stick with Marvel characters.

    My personal favorite game of all time is Marvel vs Capcom 2, which I kind of have on my friend’s Dreamcast. It isn’t as good as the arcade version, which I want more than most things. Sure, it costs over $1000 and then you have to worry about transporting it and where to keep it, but that is what I want.

  6. Funny you should say that. Blackheart and Shuma are the team I picked as soon as I dusted off the system.

    Good taste, we have.

  7. Ok, this isn’t a PS game, but it IS an SNES game!
    The ending of Earthbound is incredible – full of weirdly praying people, followed by weird mechanic noises as people are put back into their bodies [they were robots] and then the ending is… photos of your characters from their journeys! It’s so brilliant, it makes me cry every time I finish that game [yes, I am a girl, deal with it].

  8. Oh my, that sounds beautiful. I wonder if we can find it on YouTube, or screenshots, or something.

    I love the part about people being put back into their bodies.

  9. djvehovec

    if you love that game, you must play Marvel V Capcom II. that remains one of my all time favorites. i even tried to build a deck with my fave team from that: Blackheart, Juggernaut, and Venom!

  10. Shadowtrooper

    Love every game that Marvel was a part of and Capcom made. X-Men was the first followed by X-men Vs. Street Fighter and then Marvel Superheroes which gave way to Marvel Vs. Street Fighter and then to Marvel Vs. Capcom. Yes I did spend a bunch of quarters playing those games. I also played for free at Time-Out as my best friend was the manager so he gave me like 5 dollars worth of tokens every time I dropped by to visit him.

    Best ending though has to be from Kid Icarus way back in the Nintendo (NES). Loved the way mythology was used and it was the first game ever that I saw a game actually thank the player and made him part of the credits. I felt good as a kid when I read the following words at the end of the credits:

    And the Hero: YOU!!

    I’m going to dust of my NES and play Kid Icarus right now.

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