Batman Is Really Dead: Final Crisis #6.




ob ale

Yes, it is true. Grant Morrison, the confirmed Chaos Magician, has officially killed Batman with Omega Beams and the Anti-Life Equation.

I am speechless.



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7 responses to “Batman Is Really Dead: Final Crisis #6.

  1. Cool. I’d appreciate it if you could give me credit for posting the images from Final Crisis #6.

  2. Thanks to lifeinmotion for hooking us up!

    Check out more on his blog, including the full spoiler on Batman’s death:

    Very exciting times.

  3. Would it crush your dreams, Stu, to know that he wasn’t really dead? I don’t mean it in a fanboy outrage way – I thought it was a really fun cap to a really fun issue. I mean it in a ‘close reading from an obsessive lit major’ way.

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  5. He’ll be back, Stu. Nothing can keep the bat down.

  6. HalJordanSpectre

    We were just discussing this the other day! As if two foil rares would stop the Bat….

    I still have a very veeeeeeerrrrrry hard time believing it’s actually Batman, not because of the fanboy inside me who would weep for the dark knight being slain but because, well, he’s shooting a gun…. Squiddy bullets or not, it’s Batman.

    Two things though:

    -LOVE the montage of the “Batmen” for the upcoming run advert. Two-Face Batman ftw.

    -It’s kinda ironic, because every so often I’ll play a joke Gotham Knights deck with my friends (equal Batman enthusiasts) and will equip Batman with Dual Firearms just to deliberately spite them.

    If only I knew what I started….

  7. if you read seven soldiers you know morrison has left the door open with his Omega Sanction way of bringing him back. hopefully its a true death, but i doubt it.

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