Honor Among Thieves: The Legend is True.

honoramongthieves mysterio

I just spent three days on a jury, convicting a minor Kingpin of conspiracy to possess and distribute over 5 kilos of cocaine. The prosecution had a collaborating witness who had lived his entire adult life in the business. This was an actual exchange, talking about the code of ethics that these criminals abide by in their dealings.

Prosecutor: Sort of an ‘Honor Among Thieves’, so to speak?

Witness: I learned later in life that there is no honor among thieves, but that’s the legend.

When it comes to Vs. System, however, the legend is true. We have a real Honor Among Thieves and it actually teamed up with Mysterio to win a $40,000 championship in Amsterdam.





Yes kids, it is true. Once upon a time we played Vs. System all over the world and we won millions of dollars in prizes. It was the best of times, and it was not merely a legend. It really happened.



That’s me flipping superheroes in a quest for the Pro Circuit Championship, and that’s all I got for today. Tune in after the MLK holiday weekend for more about the trial. It was real, and it was a trip.


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5 responses to “Honor Among Thieves: The Legend is True.

  1. Silkmane

    Breath of fresh air hehehe ahhhhhhhh…

    Yeah, that’s what I needed to see man.

    I wasn’t even there, but I still can’t stop myself from smiling.

    Good stuff baby.

  2. Shadowtrooper

    Is that Brian Eugenio behind you in that picture? He doesn’t look as happy as he did when he won Worlds, hehehe.

  3. Shadowtrooper

    Wait a minute I think he is even wearing the same sweat shirt underneath his T-shirt as he did in worlds.

  4. That is truly amazing. I never, ever realized that.

    And now I know how he got enough luck to win the World Championship.

    Great catch, thanks!

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