BYOT Golden Age Tournament Report!




Wow, what a good time was had by all.

Round One my War Paint was dried up slowly and surely by JediJames and Spider-Man. The five drop neutered my Zazz, and I could not get the BRPD Signal Device on her to stop the lock. We went to turn eight, and all 18 of my Infernal Minions ended up spent. Game Over.

Round Two I smacked the X-Men around quite nicely, burning for 24 on the final spasm with World War III. I love War Paint, and I am so glad I played it. It is my favorite win condition. Ever.

Round Three I got Hulk Smashed BIG TIME. The only round I saw the Hellboy belt, and Zazz didn’t show until turn six. Ouch. The big green lug swung for 34, then readied and swung again for the win. Oh well, I was close enough to grab a slight taste of victory at least. It tasted like splattered War Paint.

I replaced Mantis with Dr. Light, Light Shaper and Shadow Thief to make it legal for BYOT. I dropped Criminal Mastermind for Invasion Plans and busted three of them in one turn. And you know I ran 4 X-Babies Attack! Mad props to my good friend JediJames for hooking a Stu up with the extra commons.

Thanks to Venom B. A. and Action Comics and Games in Clermont. It was mad fun to turn some superheroes sideways again. I can’t wait for the next one.

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