Look Inside Batman And What Do You See? Pony!

seacreatures   aquaman

I am not making this up. It actually happened on Cartoon Network. During the latest episode of Brave and the Bold, Aquaman was miniaturized by Atom and entered Batman’s bloodstream.


The episode was called “Journey to the Center of the Bat”, and I was worried. Whatever would the King of the Seven Seas do without his Pony? How could he save the day sans Sea Creatures?


Well, it seems that human blood cells have the same sort of empathetic link with the coolest orange shirt of all time. Batman’s flowing hemoglobin clumped up and gave Aquaman a ride.

It was a beautiful thing.


And it makes me wonder. Could each of us improve our communication with our own blood cells until we reach the point at which we could command our own health? Aquaman gives us hope, now let’s get to work!



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4 responses to “Look Inside Batman And What Do You See? Pony!

  1. Tommy Ashton

    Blood Music, by Greg Bear.

  2. Wow Mr. Final PC Champ, you are good at EVERYTHING. Thanks, I will check that out.

    Now I really wish I would have had some foily Harleys and Robots and random rares to hook you up… Oh My.

    Oh well.

  3. I love ponies! Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  4. That was a strange episode (but not as strange as teh Bat-Mite one). There was an ancient TV show pilot about a guy who could control all his body functions with conscious thought. It did not make it though.

    Anyway, here is our take on both halves of Batman: TBATB season one with lots of pics and a few bits if wit if you are interested:



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