Age of Apocalypse Preview: Second Wave.


(Original art Rogue sketch cards by jessasketch.)

Vs. System is getting a second wind, and today I have the honor of previewing its new fan-created Second Wave. The card is pretty amazing. Not only does it bring some of the most pure power ever for the one-cost army freaks among us, it features our darling Rogue.


Yes, my War Paint just got its wish. All those Infernal Minions wallowing in the graveyard are dancing wildly in response. While I go tell Tattooed Man about our good fortune, you can head over to and upgrade your favorite flavors with the new Age of Apocalypse raid deck.

It will put the wind back in your sails.



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2 responses to “Age of Apocalypse Preview: Second Wave.

  1. Those two cards together are pretty cool, but by themselves, well, the first one is okay, but the second one?

    I like how some people make cards that can fit together, but I think they are better when both cards are good without the other (Human Torch on one, Thing on the other, but you see fire on the Thing one, and rocks on the Torch one). That is just an awkward picture without the first part.

  2. I thought EXACTLY the same thing.

    Good eye, Sir. Good eye.

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