More Squirrel Girl.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot get enough Squirrel Girl. Starting today I will be posting the coolest stuff I can possibly find about the nutty comic book queen known as Doreen Green.

We start with an amazing place to chill. will fill hours and hours and hours of your life and expand your mind. Their fresh new Squirrel Girl page is perhaps their finest achievement.

Check this quote:

Squirrel Girl, aka either The Anti-Life or the Slayer Of All That Breathes, is Marvel Comics‘ most powerful hero.

In the first glance, her ability to talk to squirrels may look very lame, but if you look more carefully, you’ll notice exactly how she won the Superpower Lottery. Her powers include Squirrel Agility, Squirrel Leaping, Knuckle Spikes (with which she defeated the generating Deadpool) and a Prehensile Tail (which enhances her cuddling performance). Add all that to her smartness in and outside of battles, coupled with her squirrel force and you really do have the most powerful hero in the entire Marvel Universe.

After you trope around that site for a bit, make sure you click right here and give us a bit more traffic on our little Squirrel Girl preview. At the moment we are the twelfth highest search result on Google for Squirrel Girl.

The sky’s the limit.


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