Vs. System’s Best Ever: Plot Twists.


I have a swarm of reasons to pick Infestation as my Number One Vs. System Plot Twist of All Time. Not the least of these is the night the bugs beat the New York Yankees. But I digress.


1. Infestation.

This card can easily swing for 60 on turn five. Clear a path to the face and you will have a cloud of wings big enough to blot out the Sun.


2. Primary Directive.

I was the first player in Vs. System history to draw his entire deck during a $10K or Pro Circuit event, and this obscure masterpiece was my partner. Draw ten cards, play another Primary, draw ten cards, play a third, draw ten cards if you have that many left, throw down the fourth while laughing uncontrollably, and slap your palm on the table. It takes finesse to maximize the flood, but when it hits there is nothing else like it in the game.


3. X-Babies Attack.

I still have no clue to the mystery of the appearance of this card in the Marvel Evolution set. When did the X-Babies ever crossover into the Exiles, et al? Seems like a direct hat tip, definitely designed with one-cost army gravy in mind. When it comes to a custom-tailored Stu-flavored “best card I can imagine them making”… this is my kind.


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3 responses to “Vs. System’s Best Ever: Plot Twists.

  1. OSM

    Some candidates for what I’d pick would have to be:

    Gift Wrapped for making Spider-Friends viable just by itself.

    Switching Sides for making Shamilton777 curse me to SHBBC, and for the Avengers Ironman = Pimp reference.

    Carrying the Torch for making infi board swings possible via Nightcrawler/Quicksilver.

    (Nod goes to Sneak Attack and Legendary Battles as well.)

  2. Stinkymoe

    #3 Enemy of my Enemy- the must-have for the second half of Vs. System’s life

    #2 Savage Beatdown- the must-have fore the first half of Vs. System’s life

    #1 Flying Kick- the most used plot twist in all of Vs. System

  3. blantern

    Pathetic Attempt – I mean, come on, it stunned the world, killed decks and ate babies.

    Only Human – It calms everyone down.

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