Fooly? Cooly? Fan cards?




Those are three of the brilliant cards from the FLCL Essential Collection. It was created by Terminexchet, and I will post the entire deck over the course of the next few weeks.Β  I had the exquisite pleasure of printing and playing the set, and it is smooth.

Stay tuned.

(Updated with all the cards still available on ImageShack. Still need to pull the hard drive from the old dead computer for a few. Enjoy!)
























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8 responses to “Fooly? Cooly? Fan cards?

  1. Alan Wilkinson

    What does Protector do?

  2. Protector characters get their abilities when they are in front of another character.

    I will start dropping Terminexchet’s original posts here in the comments.

    Here is the decklist:

    3x Naota Nandaba, Normal Boy
    2x Mamimi Samejima, Never Knows Best

    2x Haruko Haruhara, Alien Housekeeper
    2x Ta-Kun, Terminal Core
    3x Kamon Nandaba, Perverted Father

    2x Canti, T.V. Boy
    2x Mamimi Samejima, Firestarter?
    2x Lt. Kitsurubami, Interstellar Immigration

    2x Haruko Haruhara, Power Chord
    2x Naota Nandaba, Softgun Warfare
    1x Eri Ninamori, Medical Mechanica

    2x Commander Amarao, Interstellar Immigration
    2x Canti, Black-Winged Angel

    2x Haruko Haruhara, Gun Bunny
    1x Lt. Kitsurubami, Rocket Launcher

    1x Canti, Lord Canti
    1x Naota Nandaba, Power of the Pirate King
    1x The ‘Hand’, Medical Mechanica

    1x Atomsk, the Pirate King

    1x Medical Mechanica. Unique
    2x Nori Eyebrows, Non-Unique
    2x Vespa, Unique
    1x Cat Ears, Unique

    3x Duel of Honor
    2x Firestarter
    1x Full Swing
    2x God of Black Flame
    2x Power Chord
    2x Snapshot
    2x The Wasp Woman
    3x Naota’s Head, N.O. Gate
    2x My First Kiss!
    1x High-Speed Collision

  3. FLCL-E001
    Atomsk, Pirate King

    – End of the series, end of the curve. When he hits play, he can use his N.O. to pull your entire deck into your hand. Fun, no? And if you really want to (this is VS System, so anything’s possible), you can equip him with Medical Mechanica… or a pair of Nori Eyebrows πŸ˜›
    Have a look at Canti, Lord Canti below for details on how Protector works.

    Canti, Lord Canti

    – End of the series Canti, hence the high-drop. Using protector and by having Naota in the support row behind him you can simulate when they combine by Canti getting a stat boost.

    Canti, T.V. Boy

    – Early series Canti gets a 3-drop, with the Protector ability, and the ability to pump himself when there is someone small standing behind him (flavour-wise this should be either 1 drop Naota, or 1 drop Mamimi).

    Canti, Black-Winged Angel

    – Mid-series Canti has the Protector ability again, and the ability to swap who he’s protecting, again flavour wise this should be swapping Naota for Mamimi etc. as is truly fitting the black-winged angel.

    Commander Amarao, Interstellar Immigration

    – As he was introduced in the middle of series, he comes in at the middle of the curve. He can fetch a pair of Nori Eyebrows to slap on a character, and gets a pump while that seductive alien Haruko is in play.

    Eri Ninamori, Medical Mechanica

    – When she touches Naota’s cat ears, the MM transfers to her, and when it emerges it enters combat with Canti, Haruko and Naota. Your opponent gains control of this over-statted four drop when she hits play, and you can fetch a five drop to defend yourself. In this case, it should be five-drop Canti in keeping with the story πŸ˜›

    Haruko Haruhara, Gun Bunny

    – Late series, late curve. 6-drop Haruko has Protector; and while protecting Naota can stun characters with either a pair of guns, or her womanly physique.

    Haruko Haruhara, Alien Housekeeper

    – Early-series, early drop. Notice a pattern forming? Haruko has Protector, but also has a bonus while being protected herself.

    Haruko Haruhara, Power Chord

    – The Guitar wielding alien returns for a third incarnation, this time a mid-series 4 drop. When she hits play, if you control Naota you can turn her into an attacking monster for the turn.

    Kamon Nandaba, Perverted Father

    – Introduced early-series, thus a low drop, Kamon is Haruko’s number one ‘fan’ and gets a bonus while being protected by the object of his desire.

  4. FLCL-E011
    Lt. Kitsurubami, Interstellar Immigration

    – Low-drop Kitsurubami can stun a character, provided she’s in the relative safety of a protected position, in this case the Interstellar Immigration HQ.

    Lt. Kitsurubami, Rocket Launcher

    – This representation is from a bit too early in the series to be a 6-drop, but like with Ta-Kun, I needed another six drop, Amarao was already on five, and I couldn’t make another Medical Mechanica lest a chain run from six-drop, to ‘Hand’ to Atmosk on turn six.
    This time she can also stun characters from the relative safety of a protected position, in this case the top of a bridge.

    Mamimi Samejima, Never Knows Best

    – Early-series Mamimi gets a 1-drop with the ability to find a new protector when her old one bites the dust (she moved onto Naota after Tasuku left to play baseball.)

    Mamimi Samejima, Firestarter?

    – Second-episode Mamimi has a knack for burning things if there’s no one there to care for her, and can subsequently find someone with her second ability.

    Naota Nandaba, Power of the Pirate King

    – Late series, Naota gains the powers of Atomsk the Pirate King. When this 7-drop hits play, his immense N.O. lets you pull through exactly what you need for the turn ahead.

    Naota Nandaba, Softgun Warfare

    – Middle of the series, during a Duel of Honor with his father. Seeing as this whole duel is over Haruko, this 4-drop ensures that she is in play to be fought over.

    Naota Nandaba, Normal Boy

    – First episode, first Naota, first drop. He doesn’t do much, but he cares for his friends and stands in the way with his 1/2 body and protector ability… But in this EC, just having his name makes him an important card.

    Ta-Kun, Terminal Core

    – As I mentioned before, Ta-Kun doesn’t fit into the chronological order of the drops and episodes. But cos he’s small, cute and with a fun effect it shouldn’t matter to much. He should still see play around the same time as his master Mamimi, but he still bites the hand that feeds.

    The ‘Hand’, Medical Mechanica

    – The catalyst for the end for the FLCLimax, The ‘Hand’ sets the game straight, by being able to accelerate you into Atomsk a turn early. Of course, this means you won’t get to use Atomsk’s awesome ability, so think wisely about pulling this guy out of your head.

  5. Here’s all the equipment, and the first plot twist.

    Cat Ears, Unique

    – They make you cute, and can be transferred by touching that character. What more do you want? Oh yeah, as they count as a MM-in-waiting, the character can’t be beaten upon by the monsters you’ve given your opponent. Cheeky.

    Medical Mechanica, Unique

    – Give the giant Electric Iron to a fat character you control, and set about smoothing out the wrinkles. It’s a shame you can’t equip it to The ‘Hand’, but that’s a minor problem. I’m sure Atomsk would be capable of using it if he really wanted to.

    Nori Eyebrows, Non-Unique

    – These mighty seaweed brows provide a defensive pump, and a way to move around your support row. There are two explanations for the moving: They make the wearer immune to Haruko’s advances (as you should be able to guess, I’m using protection and columns to represent relationships) and also make certain people creeped out (Lt. Kitsurubami for one) causing them to distance themselves from the freaky rectangles.

    Vespa, Unique

    – Anyone can ride a flying scooter (acting as a Jetpack) but only Haruko can ride it with the skill to make her able to avoid the advances of high drop opponents.

    Duel of Honor

    – Yes. That is Naota’s dad dressed as a Nazi. This plot twist sets up a Duel of Honor, arming your FLCL characters with softguns (range) and +1 ATK.

  6. FLCL-E026

    – Reinforce target character you control, but if you let them go down, that character’s going to burn the field. Was originally going to be Mamimi stamped, but a three-legend deck without four-ofs could get slightly irritiating, especially when stuck with a fistful of unplayable pumps πŸ˜›

    Full Swing

    – Swing the bat with Naota to save the world… At least until the next big threat hits the turn after. Ah well. Can’t everything your own way, can you?

    God of Black Flame

    – Pump your Canti with his Divine Heritage, and Mamimi doesn’t need to be told what her ‘god’ wants her to do on both her Video Game and possibly in real life: burn things. In this case, everyone.

    High-Speed Collision

    – Your FLCL character you control on their high-speed transport of your choice gets to mow down a smaller opposing character, but Haruko’ll be on hand to administer CPR come the start of the recovery phase that turn.

    My First Kiss!

    – Sure, it might not actually be her first kiss, but who would really care? My First Kiss! serves to pump the DEF of a pair of lovers in a single column you control. Forget Naota and Haruko, you know you really want to set up a ‘Cyborg’ romance with Canti and the good Lieutenant πŸ˜›

    Naota’s Head, N.O. Gate

    – Get rid of your opponent’s disdain for a reusable search card, when they can also use it to pull Robots out of Naota’s Head! In fact, in a multiplayer game everyone will be hoping for you to miss a drop, just in case they need a character too!
    Flavour wise, you can pull a Canti out of Naota’s head, but you can also pull a more lethal variety of MM.
    Just on a side note, the art for this card was what prevented me from posting the EC yesterday. Nowhere on t’net could I find a suitable picture of Naota’s Horn from Episode One, so I ended up watching Ep1 again on Youtube this morning just to screencapture it :classic:

    Power Chord

    – When Haruko lays the smack down with a bass guitar, it’s bound to hurt. In this case, it takes the form of a Haruko-stamped savage beatdown. Of course, not only will a smack from a guitar hurt, it’ll also lead to stuff breaking: in this case, your opponent’s resource row.


    – Mamimi takes a picture of something, and nothing can change that memory. You can’t target the character, as Mamimi wants him/her to stay the way they are. Of course, when she gets bored she can always just click the shutter again, replacing the Snapshot.

    The Wasp Woman

    – This originally took a slightly different form, but FLCL needed some more ATK pumps, so the text was modified. In this case, a character you control gets a boost, but if they collide with an object, fall down, and receive CPR from Haruko, she’ll latch onto them faster than a supersonic barnacle riding a Vespa of it’s very own.

    I hope you have infinite fun Stu, although I don’t know how potentially broken some of the stuff is (especially with Protector screwing around with attacks :confused:)

  7. a few didnt work

    Commander Amarao, Interstellar Immigration
    Canti, Black-Winged Angel
    Canti, T.V. Boy
    Cat Ears, Unique
    Nori Eyebrows, Non-Unique

  8. Thanks for the list. I need to pull those off an old hard drive, bear with me.

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