Watchmen Review: With Trading Cards!




Those Watchmen cards don’t actually “exist”. They are virtual fantasy creations that can be found in lastchance’s photobucket. The movie, however, is very real.

It was like a dream. We attended the Thursday midnight show at the quaint little theater twelve blocks from home. There were only three people in the audience, including the two of us. We had a nearly private screening.

I don’t know what the public will think of this film. It is deeply faithful to the comic book, taking the myth straight to the heart of the brain. It challenges everything you are as a human being.  Then it challenges your right to exist.

It is long, and its images linger. It seems like three different movies, all of them perfectly executed. The music was spot on. The dialogue was tight. The acting was acceptable, unless it was Walter Kovacs. He was magnificent.

We loved it. Watchmen is a thinking man’s dream come true, and the film adaptation is really here now. Open a space in your head.



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4 responses to “Watchmen Review: With Trading Cards!

  1. Jango Fett

    I can’t wait to see this movie!

  2. Banner75

    Hey Stu, good review. Yeah, Rorshcach was awesome. Haley’s performance was spot on. I was concerned how Snyder was going to faithfully adapt a book that is as verbose as Watchmen.

    The movie will please fans of the book. It is a true rendering of the story.

    I enjoyed it, but, like the book, it’s heavy. Don’t expect another Iron Man.

  3. Mike R

    To say that this movie is among the best comic-book films just doesn’t go far enough to do the Watchmen justice. This was a real treat to see at the midnight showing, with a nearly full audience. And I can’t wait to see it again.

  4. custombyamy

    I loved the movie. I did not have a good audience to watch it with though! That made it rough. But, just goes to show who will get this story & who won’t. Thanks for the great site.

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