More Watchmen Trading Cards.


Again, these cards are a figment of lastchance’s imagination. They exist in virtual reality, just like the Watchmen movie that no one ever thought could be filmed. Oh yeah, that is now real. From the sound of the response after the first weekend, the film is very successful. Reviews are mixed, as always, and the $55 million first weekend box office seems to be right on the borderline of blockbuster and bust. We shall see if the movie is deemed a big winner in the long run, in the meantime you can groove on some spectacular imaginary cardboard, including the missing squid! Enjoy.





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One response to “More Watchmen Trading Cards.

  1. Dead on Arrival is arguably over powered. I don’t mind fantasy cards, and have made many myself, but they need to be fair. Perhaps if it was an 8 cost instead of a 7 cost, it would be more legit… afterall, Zero Hour (the most powerful card in the game if played correctly) is a 9 cost, and the only cards I can think of with the ability to stun all characters are 9, 10, and 11 drop character cards. Just saying.

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