Watchmen Easter Egg!


(Easter-colored Watchmen squid by Timberwolf0316.)

A couple days ago, we spoiled the squid-version original comic book ending of Watchmen. Today we reveal it’s subliminal presence in the movie.

You don’t have to take my word for it, shamilton777 dropped it in the comments:

Walter wrote – “When they are scanning the files in the movie, the name of the plan is apparently S.Q.U.I.D.”

The SQUID Acronym also appears in the scene when Dr. Manhattan is videoconferencing with Veidt and transports the Bomb device to Antarctica. (This is the end of the weird multiple hand scene.)

Look at the TV behind Veidt and you’ll see it for a split second. It stands for (something like) Sub Quantum Unifying Intrinsic Device…

And when I caught it during my second viewing of the movie I laughed out loud.

So there you have it.  The giant alien squid who unifies the world has been given a wink and a nod in the film.

Good times.


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23 responses to “Watchmen Easter Egg!

  1. fullmetalcynic

    Never knew there was a squid in Watchmen — I gotta read the book.

  2. theb2xpress

    If I have to read the book to understand the movie which was ultimately derived from the book, then Zack Snyder should pay for it… LOL

  3. seanalyn

    OMG I so didnt even catch that! I guess I need to go back and look for that again!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. Hey thanks a lot for the article. I loved this movie so much, I’m def. going to see it again. And I’m definitely keeping an eye out for the Squid!

  6. christachella

    looks like i have to watch it a third time. Thanks for the hint =D

  7. Hey thanks for dropping by Partylicious and for this invaluable info! 🙂

  8. emofriend

    wow thanks for visiting and pointing that out. that’s really awesome!

  9. Thanks for the link and yes I did catch the nod to the original. I’m kinda glad the movie did it the way they did otherwise my wife would be saying “I don’t get it. Where the hell did the squid come from?” Oh they could have put in a huge conversation about it, but this way….

    Hey wait. I just realized Heroes took ‘the destruction of New York will unify the world’ from Watchmen!

  10. Lacey

    I didn’t even notice that, Now I must go watch the movie again!

  11. Jenna

    @Raolin – Heroes has taken a lot from a lot of comics. Which makes me sad, when it’s so blatant in some cases.

    Yeah, I haven’t read the novel/comic…. so a giant space squid showing up at the end would have REALLY confused the heck out of me.

  12. Haha, awesome. Now if only it would stop people from complaining about the absence in the movie….

  13. I can’t believe I missed that ! I’m going to be hunting for it on my second viewing !!!

  14. Caroline Dy

    Interesting. I’ll make sure to watch out for this when the movie comes out in DVD. 🙂

  15. Moz

    Hey, thanks for your comment on the blog! Also: thank you for pointing this out. I’ll keep my eyes peeled when I go to watch the film again this weekend.

  16. manicmachine

    ah, missed! must watch it again! thanks! ;p

  17. Notice that when the bomb goes off in NY there are energy tentacles emanating from the sphere. The squid lives!!!

  18. Freddy

    hmm, I never read the book, I only saw the movie. I didn’t realize there was a squid version…. lol.

    but that’s a pretty neat nod to the original version…. cool stuff.

  19. Haha, I didn’t catch that! I might be going to see it again on Sunday, so I’ll keep an eye out for it. 😀

  20. monster7of9

    Thanks for the catch. I’m going to have to see it again in the theaters.

  21. celladorious

    I remember reading about this in the “Watchmen” IMDb trivia page (yeah, I’m a dork), but I so didn’t catch it when I saw the movie.

  22. Paul

    Correction: giant alien PSYCHIC squid.

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