Bring Your Own Squid.


Life is flavored by perception. An infinite array of information bombards the human instrument at every moment. We carry the parenthesis around in our head, and the filters can be adjusted.

Moral of the story? The tentacles are always there if you choose to see them.


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12 responses to “Bring Your Own Squid.

  1. that’s wicked. wonder if they’ll let you eat it in the theatre… 😀

  2. I hope they at least supplied marinara sauce in the cup holders.

  3. chrisanthemum7

    haha! I’m sort of glad there was no squid in the movie, whatever Zack would’ve come up with probably would keep me from squid for months. Thanks for the com[pli]ment.

  4. Chris

    I know exactly what theatre that is! That’s the Neptune in Seattle’s University District. I used to go there all the time. It’s the second-best theatre in Seattle, behind the Cinerama.

  5. Chris, that is just too cool. I got the pic via email and I wondered where it was taken.

    Outstanding connections for the win!

  6. Junkie1

    Totally brill.

    Why didn’t I think of that?!

  7. mediamaid

    Ha! That’s pretty good. Thanks for showing me that link. I’m glad the squid at least had a subtle acknowledgement in the movie.

  8. So freaking sweet.

    Although cast me in that group of people who think countries united in peace vs. the swinging-blue-membered one probably works better in film format than a giant alien squid designed by the great artists and scientists of the world, who get exploded on a boat.

  9. That is utterly brilliant. Thank you for showing it to me.

  10. custombyamy

    incredible! thanx!

  11. that’s hilarious, awesome site.

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