Thursday Thirteen: An Art Teacher’s Manifesto.


(Watchmen in the classroom, by biigurutwin.)

I like to reflect. When I sat down to write a Thursday Thirteen this week, I decided to list the things I strive to instill in my students. This is my revolution.

1. Creative Success. Each student will feel the specific joy that only comes from inventive accomplishment.

2. Expansive Ideas. Each student will think about the world in new ways.

3. Wide-eyed Wonder. Each student will be exposed to a view of life as an unfolding gift of infinite potential.

4. Unknown Connections. Each student will see everyday things from extraordinary angles.

5. Controlled Freedom. Each student will have fun with their art and their friends while maintaining appropriate personal discipline.

6. Underlying Principles. Each student will understand why I enjoy each project enough to teach it to them.

7. Unwavering Positivity. Each student will have at least one teacher who is always in a good mood.

8. Modern Myth. Each student will relate some part of the lesson to comic book superheroes.

9. Relative History. Each student will be able to understand the origins of the things they know and love.

10. Convex Consumerism. Each student will flip the script from consumer to creator – from audience to artist.

11. Trading-card Tickle. Each student will get one of my extra Vs. System cards at random as a reward for good behavior and trade them joyously with classmates.

12. Punctual Responsibility. Each student will have an art teacher who is  a model of consistency and is always exactly on time.

13. Unconditional Love. Each student will be valued and loved equally as a creative human being.


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10 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: An Art Teacher’s Manifesto.

  1. So basically you teach them how to live.

    Hey, good to see you again! It’s been a while.

  2. I would agree with the above… more a “life” class… but then again, isn’t art an essential part of life?

  3. Can I send my kids to you? Please? I don’t think they are getting most of those lessons when I try to impart them…

  4. I like your 13. I fairly recently got a copy of Wreck This Journal, and loved the realization that art is art, and it doesn’t have to measure up to anyone else’s standard of what good art is. A teacher like you would have made a lot of difference. Glad you’re doing it for your kids!

  5. It is great to know that you are passionate about what you do. Every individual is different and needs to be nurtured differently. And this can definitely be developed through interactive engagement in the learning process.

  6. Wish I had had a teacher like you 🙂

  7. OSM

    This list is so good, if it were a comic book, I’d buy it and read it.

  8. custombyamy

    i could not have survived school without my art classes and teachers. Sounds like these kids are gonna make it because of you & your class. bravo!

  9. daemyann

    Very well thought out.
    You have a remarkable opportunity.
    I hope you remember this list.

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