Weekly Wonder Word: Fool.


(by 2dforever.)

I absolutely adore Wednesdays. My schedule at school is heavenly, and I always have time to float over to deviantart.com for a heaping helping of pure random inspiration.

If you forgot the drill, the Weekly Wonder Word triggers an unexpected barrage of bountiful beauty and I choose my favorite flavor of eye candy to share with you. Today it went exponential.

I typed “fool” in the search box in honor of April 1st. I got Anita. From the Darkstalkers Capcom video game series. She has always been near and dear, but this art makes one thing clear.

Must. Have. Vs. System Darkstalkers.


(by sakura-studio.)


(by bluebunnyRAFI.)


(by MasterCarlock.)


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2 responses to “Weekly Wonder Word: Fool.

  1. Silkmane

    To be honest with you, I had actually lost that fire in the belly to make anymore fantasy cards…

    I don’t know man… I kept putting off the revisions that I needed to do for the Hulk and Nova sets; However, now I’m ready to delve back into the mystery of fantasy card creations!

    Who dah thunk it: a few words and pictures about the Darkstalkers and I’m back in the saddle again LOL.

    I can’t wait to see what becomes of this project.
    Excellent idea and again I say: Excellent.


  2. Excellent indeed. Stay tuned to this station, I will be posting the best Darkstalkers art I can find… and there is a whole boatload of it.

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